A funny thing happened on the way to the campfire....

Our last campfire at Two Harbors, John and I were sitting there and suddenly we here a little rip, then all of a sudden riiiiiiiiiiiippppppppp. And this is what it looked like.
In East Grand Forks at Cabelas I bought a new chair for the campfire, our chairs were almost worn out. John wasn’t sure the new one would fit in our lawn chair compartment so we only bought one. Well I love my new chair, and it does fit in the compartment but John said he’d wait until we until we really needed a new one. He did throw out the one that he thought was the worst. Well, he may not have chosen wisely. Sure made me laugh when I had to help him out of that chair. Isn’t he cute?!
 Now we really need a new chair. :)
Happy Trails.................


  1. Hmmm...reminds me of the stitz bath at Hot Springs Arkansas! :)

  2. I see a new chair in your future ~ LOL LOL.... the picture of him falling through the chair was hilarious!!!!
    Have fun

  3. Great picture. Chairs are an important part of this lifestyle. They have to be comfortable, easily transported, durable and can't make holes in the mat. Who would have thought chairs would require so much attention :)

  4. wow...what more can be said!!
    Lee has been looking for a chair he likes for over two years and with no luck. Good thing he likes standing so much!

  5. Ha! Too funny!! Love the picture, although I would have really liked to see the look on your face when you first looked at John. Our chairs are wearing out fast and we've been saying for awhile now that we need to replace them. After you're experience, maybe we better push that up higher on the priority list!

  6. Great picture - it happens to all of us eventually if we keep those old chairs. I know I've fallen through a couple too!

  7. Love the picture. Just too funny. Hope he finds a new chair that he just loves to pieces.


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