Tetagoochi State Park

Big Falls

Some of the stairs
I’m a little behind in blogging our travels. Having so much fun I just haven’t had time to write so I will do several posts in the next couple of days.

Last Monday we decided to hike again and after looking online we chose Tetagooche State Park north of Silver Bay MN. It was a beautiful day and perfect for a hike.  There are two falls in the park to hike to. The first is the “Big Falls”. On this part of the hike there were quite a few people, not as many as Saturday but the it was Memorial Day. Big Falls was less than one mile in and the only challenge to it are all the stairs you have to hike to get to it and then to get back up to the trail. I’ll let the photos speak to that. Beautiful falls.

Taking a break, John actually took a decent photo of me, Yea!
 Next we headed to Two Step Falls about another mile or so down the trail, after you climb up all those stairs you just climbed down to get to the falls. It was a beautiful hike through the woods, then a whole lot more stairs down to Two Step Falls. The crowds had thinned out and there were only a few of us here. I enjoyed this area the most. The falls are not as high but I thought they were prettier. We sat here for quite a while having a snack and enjoying the view. The hike back put us at 3-4 miles for the day, not too long, not too short. It was just about a perfect day.
On the way back is a place called Betty’s Pies. Friends of ours (Ralph and Cheryl) recommended it to us but every time we had passed it, it was packed. Well today the parking lot was busy but not jammed so we decided to stop. We had burgers and of course, pie. The burgers were good and the pie excellent. So much for burning calories, I think we ate more calories at Betty’s then we burned on the hike.
We definitely enjoyed our time on Minnesota’s North shore and we left with so many things that we didn’t get to do. I know we will be back. There is more hiking, more biking and more to see. 
Tuesday we were back on the road and off to Wisconsin. We arrived at the Thompson West End campground in Washburn. This is a city campground with electric and cable TV. The TV hookup is a treat we rarely get. Just ahead of us into the park was a nice Mobile Suites, they were struggling with the parking a little and boy could we understand that, after a year we still have times it is a challenge. We met the couple, Terry and Lu out on a walk. They are new full timers. We have developed a friendship with them over the last few days. I’ll talk more about that later. Enough for now.
Two Step Falls
Happy Trails............................


  1. Yes, but isn't that pie good! Glad you enjoyed it. We enjoyed the story and thanks for sharing the pictures, they are excellent.

  2. It seems that no matter how long we stay in one place, there are always places we didn't get to see. Isn't this just the most beautiful country?

  3. What a great hike you had... and the pie sounded good too!!!
    Have fun

  4. What a perfect place for a hike. I could watch waterfalls for hours and your pictures of them are terrific!


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