Busy, busy, busy

Gabe fishing at sunset on Storm Lake, in front of our camping site

I have been remiss in my blogging as of late. We spent last week in Cedar Rapids (former home) and were out visiting almost every night as well as running errands every day. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, that’s not a pace I really like but sometime it has to be done. It was a good week of seeing family and tying up loose ends.
We spent time with Mitch several nights and I never feel like I have enough time with him but I know as a grown up he is always ready for mom and her hovering to end. We really did have fun this visit.
Autumn and Kolton
We also wanted to see my niece Autumn and her family as we had yet to meet their newest addition Corbin. They delivered Corbin in Virginia just and a week later were moving back to Iowa. Corbin was having a bit of a fussy night when we were there but we know that babies do that so we took it all in stride. His brother Kolten took up the slack and entertained us. He likes to show off his muscles and watch OOoo (or otherwise known as Curious George--I like OOoo better). It is nice to have them back in Iowa and where we will at least get to see them when we are back visiting.
Kelvin, now that's how to relax!
Our next stop was my nephew Jordan’s, not to be outdone by his sister, he and his wife Rachel have a little one born in August too. We did see them before we left but was good to see how this little guy was doing. Kelvin was born 5 weeks early, luckily he weighed in at a little over 6 lbs, he was still considered a preemie. You would never guess that if you see him now. He is bigger than his cousin Corbin who came right on time. He seems to be a pretty mellow fella. When he falls asleep it is a study in total relaxation.
Our last stop was to spend time with the Woods family. Trudy had Friday off so we got in a long coffee time at Paneras in the morning. Trudy is the one I miss the most so catching up on girl talk is a priority. Saturday we spent the evening with the whole Woods family and with another friend Judy, husband Ed and son Michael. Trudy, Judy and I spent a lot of time together pre-husband days. There were ski trips, Iowa Hawkeye games, camping trips and general craziness of the young and single days. It was so good to catch up on her life too.
Sunday was moving day. Now it was off to see the oldest son, Gabe and his girlfriend Melissa. They live in Early IA, which only a town of about 600. It is just 10 miles south of Storm Lake. When we moved them into their house we checked out the campgrounds on Storm Lake. There are two, one is Sunrise park, a nice park across the street from the lake. It still has a pretty nice view. The other park is part of Lakeside Marina which is actually in Lakeside, another small town on the lake. The two towns actually run together and the two campgrounds are only a few blocks apart. Being fall we really had our pick and we chose the Marina which has sites right on the shore. as you can see from the header photo it is a great site. Beautiful sunsets and the weather, though a little windy, has been beautiful. This is getting long so I will try to post again later about Storm Lake. So until then..
Happy Trails............................


  1. I was wondering what you guys were up to. Great to see you've been enjoying time with family and friends. Wonderful pictures, what a great campsite!

  2. A wonderful time visiting with family and checking out the little ones.

  3. Spending time with family is always special. Sounds like a great time!

  4. What a great time you had visiting friends and family. Those baby pictures are so cute but they sure are making us miss our little grandson though.

    I love the picture of the nice calm lake at sunset.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. Nice to see the pics of the little guys! Glad you are having a great time visiting with your family.


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