Changing it up

GlenElder State Park
We are at Glen Elder State Park in northern Kansas and when you look around we are definitely on the prairie and it made me remember reading the books about Laura Ingles Wilder when I was young.  So this is our “Little House on the Prairie”. It has been very windy here until yesterday and the wind calmed, the sun was out, it was an incredibly beautiful fall day. John worked on cleaning the rig and I went for a long walk with my camera.
Our Little House on the Prairie

Little Church on the Prairie
There really isn’t a lot for us to do here unless you are a fisherman. They have a couple short hiking trails but that is about it. There are 3 campgrounds for RVs and a marina. This week not having much to do has been great. We were looking forward to some down time before we head to our jobs with Amazon.  The first few days were cold and very windy so stayed warn inside, read books and watched some TV. We can’t get much on the antenna but we have a wi-fi hot spot right next to us and since we are the only ones in this campground it is screamin’ fast so we have been watching shows on Hulu and our son is letting us use his Netflix account to watch a couple movies. Our aircard is limited to 5G and usually isn’t fast enough to do any streaming so this has been a real treat. Now that the weather has improved we are out the door and enjoying the fall days.
Monday we have an appointment at the factory in Smith Center for some warranty work. It is all small stuff but we want it all taken care of before our warranty is up. We will head there on Sunday and park in the lot so we can start early, I think I’ve heard they want you ready to move the trailer in at around 6:30 am. We are using this week to give the trailer a good cleaning too. John is working on the outside and today I will start on the inside.
Now for the “changing it up”. When John retired he decided to grow his hair out and since that time (August 27th, 2010) all he has had done is the ends trimmed twice. He looks great with his long hair but thinks it is too much work so before we head to work he thought short would be better. We have a clipper so he decided to have me cut it buzzing it with a guard on the clippers. I was pretty nervous about doing this but I figure if it doesn’t turn out it will grow and he can go to the professionals. So here are a few photos from retirement day to today.
John at his retirement party

John before his haircut

John now!
What do you think? John hasn’t decided yet. I’m ok with it but I love him no matter what he looks like. I’m glad he decided to keep the beard for the time being. 
I’ll leave you with some fall photos from my walk.

Happy Trails......................................


  1. I've always been partial to clean shaven men with short hair. Of course that didn't work either... :)

  2. I prefer short hair, but then I no not have that much to grow out:(

  3. having just gone thru the big cut... I know how he feels... colder...

  4. Love the haircut! I cut George's hair all the time. It's so easy with the clipper set. Saves $$ too!

  5. Resting up before working at Amazon is a good idea. We have friends who work there and it's really a physical job. But this will be their third or fourth year. And Jim would love your fishing spot.

  6. Love the Prairie. Willa Cathers hometown, Red Cloud, Nebraska is just north of you I think. Her books are great reads, O pioneer and My Antonia. Like the haircut.

  7. Nice pics of the prairie! The new haircut looks good! I've come to like short hair better than long.

  8. I like both looks, but the short hair will be better at Amazon. He would have to put it in a ponytail if it was still long. How nice to have wi-fi at a state park. I don't think we've ever stayed at a state park that offered wi-fi. Enjoy your rest time. You'll need it :)

  9. Both looked good, but I dolike the short better and it will be so much easier to look after.

    Kevin and Ruth


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