Smith Center to Coffeyville

Our camping spot for 3 nights. Excel service center.

This week found us parked in the parking lot of the Excel Service Center in Smith Center KS. Next month our Excel will be 2 years old and our warranty will be up. We have had a few minor things and a couple not so minor issues that needed to be address and we haven’t been happy with the repairs we have gotten at the dealer and since we were headed this way it just made sense to head to Smith Center. It took about 2 1/2 days to get it all done. About a week ago John found a small crack in the fiberglass on the front cap. He cleans that area often so we are pretty sure it is new in the last couple weeks so it went to the head of the list. The other major item was the eternabond taping of the two larger slides. They got the fiberglass fixed the 1st day but the eternabond tape proved to be a job. The dealer had taped over it to try to fix it so Jim (our tech) had to scrap off all that eternabond to start over. He said if he knew how difficult it would be he probably would have tried to talk Excel into just replacing the rubber roofs. It took him 13 hours for just that job. Jim and Darren did all the work and they did an excellent job. The eternabond seal looks better than the rig was delivered. Yeah!!  What we appreciate about Excel is that they do back up their product and try their best to do right for you. So we are now ship shape and have moved on to Coffeyville.
Ours and 2 other rigs in for service.
We did stop at Winfield City Lake on Wednesday night. I knew the park in Coffeyville would not be great but the location is right so we decided to stay somewhere else for one night and this was on the way. This is a good sized lake and has lots of sites with a good number of FHU sites and the cost is $14 a night for either FHU/W&E or just electric. That is a good price so we took one of the FHU so we didn’t have to go to the dump station tomorrow. The park is ok but the roads in are awful. They are gravel and lots of washboard surface. Take it really slow, speed limit is 20mph but it should be 5mph. It was good for one night. At these prices I am sure this place is packed in the summer.
We are now at the Big Chief RV park in Coffeyville KS. We will be here 2 months working for Amazon at heir warehouse. The park is just a big parking lot with pull thrus but it is directly across the street from the warehouse and many of the work campers either walk or ride their bikes to work. We got a call this week and found out we will be pickers on the night shift and will work what is called the donut shift. The days are M,T,Th and Fri. They are 10 hour days. Tomorrow is our orientation day so we will learn what a picker really does. We do know that this job requires lots of walking. One of the bonus points is our friends Evelyn and Kevin are also working here and on the same shift. Just nice to already know a coworker.
So for the next 8 weeks we will be in the same place, I’ll try to fill you in on our jobs but probably won’t be posting more than a couple times a week (kind of like lately). Happy Halloween to everyone!
Happy Trails..................................


  1. Good to get those big items addressed while it is still covered by the warranty.

    Hope you enjoy your Amazon experience.

  2. Great to hear you are getting those warranty items taken care of and the guys are doing a good job.

    Good luck with Amazon!

  3. Hi John & Janie,
    Glad to hear that you got your RV issues taken care of. Sounds like it was quite a job and you have given Terry and I some additional things to inspect periodically on our rig. Pickers on the night shift sounds kind of ominous. What hours are you working? We will be anxious to hear what you think of your new jobs. Take care!
    Terry & Lu

  4. Good luck at Amazon. I see it's rough..but worth the $$.

  5. Glad everything went well with your warranty work and that you are good to go.

    Good luck with Amazon, I am sure the time will fly by. Nice that you will be on the same shift as Evelyn and Kevin. At least you will already have an idea on what to expect.

    Kevin and Ruth


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