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Have you ever felt like you had so many choices you couldn’t make a decision?  Lately that is how I have been feeling even though I know there is no right answer. We’ve begun to think about what we want to do this winter and I can’t make up my mind and John has no preference. We are working November and December so that is taken care of. We were thinking about the Gulf coast and I have found a spot in Port O’Connor that I made a reservation for the month of January but I’m not entirely sure that is where we want to go. So maybe go there and then head to Florida? But Florida is pricey and we are trying to get caught up financially from an expensive summer.  So now we are thinking about returning to the Southwest. 

We really enjoyed last winter and there is a lot that we still haven’t done yet. We loved New Mexico State parks and they have a season park pass for their parks that is $225 for out of staters. The pass then makes campsites $4 a night. If we take advantage of the New mexico Parks for about a month or more that might be a good option. There is a lot we would like to do in Northern New Mexico and Arizona but would have to wait until early spring for those areas. We still have not seen the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell and they are all on my list. I would like to spend time in Santa Fe and Taos as well as the Four Corners area and southern Colorado. So many possibilities.
Originally we thought we were headed to the Northwest next summer but now with our son’s wedding this summer we will need to be back in Iowa at some point next summer. They are working on setting a date and that will help us know how much time we have next spring and summer we have until we need to be there. It is funny for me, I don’t need to have a hard and fast schedule and I think that rarely works in this lifestyle but I do like to have a general direction. We may still see if we can find a work camping  for the winter spring but because we are committed until January it may be a little more difficult to find. 
John making time with a cute mummy
Sorry for how disjointed this post is but I think it reflects my disjointed thinking. I have so many places I want to see and things I want to do that sometimes my brain is just reeling. We are having a quiet week at Glen Elder State park in Kansas and I am hoping it will calm my brain. We have the area we are in to ourselves and it is a nice break after all the business of visiting with family. We love our family but we also love a little solitude. This will be a good break before a couple months of work. I hope you don’t mind me thinking out loud. This is a good problem to have as problems go so I am certainly not complaining just trying to figure it out.
Happy Trails.........................


  1. My winter is set if I ever get out of here, but I have the same thinking going on for next summer. So many places and things to see and do...

  2. We can't wait to have that problem :) All George says, is that if it's winter, we be south :)

  3. I'm just trying to find the "just right" weekend trip for early November. Not to far, don't want to waste gas, somewhere that we don't need a car, good weather (yes that can be had in California, not on the coast, did that this week... HMMM

  4. Forget about "New" Mexico, come on down to the real Mexico! Having said that, we also want to some day take advantage of that great deal New Mexico has on their state parks pass!

  5. The panhandle of FL is not to pricey but not as warm. That is where we are heading :)

  6. We'd love for you to come to New Mexico. Come out and hang with us. The weather is beautiful.

  7. As far as dilemmas go, it's not all bad as whatever you decide to do the choice will be a good one.

  8. We're spending Jan. and Feb. in Tucson and then Phoenix in March for Spring Training. We spent a week in the Taos, Santa Fe, Albuquerque area last March, and it was beautiful. We might stop in the Carlsbad Caverns area on our way back home in April. A couple we met at Amazon have a site at the Escapee park there, and told us there are always sites available for a short-term stay. Half the fun is in the planning.
    Congratulations to your son!

  9. Southern Florida is pricey, but we're going for it while we can (it's a long drive from the NW). We'll stay one month and then head to Texas hill country. I understand your pain--it is hard to decide. So much to pick from....


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