Janie had a little goat..

Remember the Mary had a little lamb nursery rhyme? I changed it to reflect an interesting day.

Janie had two little goats that followed her home from her run today and everywhere that Janie went the goats were sure to follow.......

Well you get the idea.

I went out for my run and suddenly I hear this noise behind me only to find these two little goats coming up behind me. They passed me and then stopped and waited for me. A gal in a golf cart slowed down and told me should though it was cute that I was walking my goats. I had other cars slow down to see such a site. I turned around to go back towards the RV park and they still followed me, there are a couple farms along the way and I figured if they belonged at one they would head on home but no they followed me all the way to the park. I went in to see if the camp hosts had any idea where they might belong and she said no but it wasn’t unusual for animals to be roaming around. Well they started chewing on the tree on the office patio so I had John shoo them towards me and sure enough they started following me again. I went back the way I’d come from hoping I would figure out who they belonged too. I got to the first farm that I thought might be theirs and by then they were looking pretty tired and sure enough off down the lane to the farm they went. I was glad they had found home. This farm has horses and a sign that says beware of dog but I think they need a sign that says beware  of friendly goats! 
Happy Trails.....................


  1. Oh how cute. I'm glad you got them back home!

  2. how cute! Did they make the children laugh and play?

  3. What a great story. I guess they needed some exercise too!

  4. Goats are so cute! They eat everything..good thing you didn't stop long enough to rest, they'd have eaten your shoe laces ;-)

  5. Now, that's an interesting story!

  6. The little dog laughed to see such sport, and the goats ran away down the lane.

    The Good Luck Duck

  7. Cute story. We used to have goats and they were always so sociable. That was a great story.

  8. ah..fun! What a great story to add to your travels!

  9. What cute goats! You must have said something interesting to get them to follow you!! :)

  10. What a unique and wonderful experience. They are so cute but I'm sure glad they found their way home again.


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