A Nice Leisurely Bike Ride

It is always harder to write when there isn’t much going on. We had a couple cooler days but it is starting to warm up again. John has been waxing the rig. I helped with the washing but I’m just watching him do the waxing. The rig is starting to look pretty shinny! It may rain tomorrow so we need to get it finished today, that may mean I’ll have to start helping instead of watching. Bummer. 
Before this little cold snap John and I went on a long leisurely bike ride around town. When we got to the pier the tide was out so we walked out on the sand to the waters edge. Thought I’d share a few of those photos.

I also took some photos of my favorite houses along the way. I love how people use really bright colors for their houses, you just don’t find that back in Iowa and it seems perfectly fitting here.

We also found these goats and donkey’s in someones back yard. The zoning is a lot looser here than where we are from. I’ve never seen goats with horns like these.
Happy Trails...........................


  1. Most places don't allow RV washing, so Kevin's wondering what you're using to wash and wax the rig. Maybe in Texas they're not as strict about washing vehicles on site. Love the pictures. Maybe those are "longhorn goats" :)

  2. Nice pictures. The area looks nice but where are you?

  3. Love beach houses! Even the houses look like they are having fun!
    We need to find warm weather so we (Lee) can wash and wax our rig too!

  4. Yeah I guess u just cant get away from winter completely! Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great pictures of those old buildings. Nice blog post.

  6. I agree Janie, it is tougher to write when there is not much going on, but also nice to not have much going on at times. The colorful houses remind us of those in Mexico, which we always enjoyed. Enjoy the down time. Sounds like you both earned it after your stint at Amazon.


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