Rockport visit and Amazon Friends

The largest Live Oak in Texas they estimate it is over 1000 years old

John, Phil, Janie and Dawn
Last week I emailed some friends we met at Amazon that I thought were headed to Rockport. We wanted to check out this area for possible stays in the future and it is always fun to get together with friends so thought we’d combine the two. Phi and Dawn arrived in Rockport on Tuesday and called us this morning saying this would be a good day to visit so a quick breakfast and we were on the road. 
Pelicans on the gulf
Rockport has a lot more to do than Port O’Connor and is definitely a lot busier. That has pro and cons but I think we could like this area. One of the places they took us was Goose Island State Park. This is a beautiful park right on the gulf and they have camping spots right along the beach, they also have a campground loop in an area forested with live oaks with a lot of privacy. The only disadvantage of this campground are the low hanging trees, you would definitely have to pay attention as you drove through this park with your rig. Like most state parks there are limited stays and only electric and water hook ups. 
Fisherman at Goose Island State Park
We took a long walk out on the fishing pier at the park and it was beautiful. We also went for Mexican for lunch and checked out the park they are staying in. From what we can see there are a lot of choices for RVs here. We enjoyed the tour and the chance to reconnect with friends now that we’ve all recovered from the job.
Fishing Pier at Goose Island SP
Next week we are headed for a little vacation to Galveston and Houston, leaving the rig here under the watchful eye of our camp hosts, who have been great to us during our stay. We have had a little glitch in our travels, the truck is going to get a new transmission. We have been concerned about it for awhile and on our trip here it was registering some codes on the Banks monitor about the transmission slipping too much. It seemed to be ok unless we are towing. John checked into the Dodge dealer at Port Lavaca and after a check decided to do a new high performance transmission. It is going to be a bill but it looks like it is a very needed upgrade and since we want to go through mountain country on our travels back to Iowa this is a good time to get it done. I may get John to write about all this as it is way out of my area of understanding. We are hoping it will get built and get here as we return from our little vacation and then it will take a couple days to get it put in. We are suppose to leave here on February 2nd so it is cutting it close but we will just adjust as we need to. Just like life in a sticks and bricks home there are always things that have to be dealt with. 
The only photo John took today. :)
Hope you enjoy some photos from Rockport and
Pelicans is a row.
Happy Trails.................................


  1. I love white Pelicans. They are so photogenic.

  2. Hi Guys, Rockport looks like a great place to kick back and relax. So sorry to hear about your transmission woes but glad that it did not happen when you were on the road. Enjoy your trip to Galveston and Houston.

  3. Glad you are enjoying Texas - sorry about your truck transmission. Yep - there's always something...Hope your repair works out as scheduled.


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