Bandera, Texas

Downtown Bandera, Texas

We had a couple days of heavy rains but Sunday it cleared up and the blue Texas sky returned. Can’t let a day like this go by so after our workouts, we cleaned up (necessary for any outing in public) and headed to Bandera. We talked to a few folks and they said there wasn’t a whole lot in Bandera so we figured and afternoon was plenty.
Bandera is about 20 miles south of us and is considered the cowboy capital of the world. I think that is a proper description. As we got to the downtown area there was a little bit of a back up as a group on horseback was going down the road. Leading the group was something I am sure you only see in Texas. I’ll let the photo do the talking.
Only in Texas!

After perusing the shops,not all were open, we decided to stop at the Chickin’ Coop for a beer as they had an outdoor area and it would be a shame to be inside on a day like today. Interestingly enough they had a big screen TV out on the porch area and as a special treat it was turned to hockey! We rarely get to see hockey anymore so we settled in to watch the Bruins and the Wild. We were so comfortable here we grabbed a menu and decided to order lunch. The waitress was great and explained that all there burgers were fresh meat from the butcher shop next door and that they make their own onion rings too so of course we ordered a burger and rings (just one as we are trying to cut down, so now we share). I have to say it was one of the best burgers we have had and the onion rings were also great.  This bar also has live music and so we did get to listen to some local music too and it was pretty good. We’ve decided we may have to make another trip to Bandera for a burger before we leave.
I like this sign inside the Chickin Coop
Besides cowboys, there is another group that seems to congregate here and that is bikers, lots and lots of bikers. There were several bars that look like they cater to that crowd so if you have a bike this may be the place for you. John being a former biker (Harley guy) was enjoying checking out all the bikes.
So in spite of the fact there isn’t a lot to do in Bandera we really enjoyed our afternoon here. We definitely think it is worth the drive and maybe a weekend is the best when there is a little more going on. Tomorrow we are headed to San Antonio for the day. We have visited this city a couple times before in our pre-RV days. We’ve always enjoyed the Riverwalk and our friend Gayle has suggested another spot to check out so off we go. We will actually have to get a little earlier than usual (if you know us you  know we are not morning people) but I think we can handle it.
Beautiful end to a beautiful day!

Happy Trails..........................................


  1. I absolutely love the picture of the girl on the longhorn, saddle and all. Those are the kinds of things you get to see when you have the freedom to travel off the beaten path. Great idea sharing one meal. They always give you too much to eat anyway. So, less calories and less cost. Great combination :)

  2. My cousin and her husband moved to Hondo from upstate New York about 30 years ago. We visited once, but I was not using my desert eyes, and I didn't care for it there. Now I think I would.

    The Good Luck Duck

  3. Yep, only in Texas, I love these small towns

  4. Looks like you had a good day. We would have enjoyed that place if we had the bikes.

  5. Some times those little towns offer the best times. That cowgirl (literally) was rather strange looking. Wonder how she got it to move.

  6. Bandera is interesting and there is something going on nearly every weekend. There are some neat things to see around there like the old church, there are antique shops. Take a good look around.

  7. This post brought back great memories, we had a great time in Bandera!!

  8. If you want to have a really good time in Bandera.Get each of you a steak and a fork and go to the 11th Street cowboy bar on Wednesday evening. they have 4 big grills filled with charcoal and they light them and you cook your own steak. For $5 they furnish a salad, baked potato and roll and all the spices and dressings.Then they have a band on stage later on. You can wonder around and look at all of the bras hanging from the ceiling. You can also trade yours for a beer if you want to. It is a real neat place and well worth the visit..

  9. Looks like another relaxing day in Texas. Enjoy your trip to San Antonio. We really had a great time there.

  10. We enjoyed our tour of Bandera back in 2010. Your post brought back some good memories.


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