San Antonio and Luckenbach

The Alamo

 It has been a good week here in the Hill Country. The weather has been a little up and down. Hot for a couple days and then the last few have been cool and breezy. On one of those warm days (Wednesday) we decided to drive down to San Antonio for the day. I tried to get us to a place that our friend Gayle recommended for breakfast but between the traffic and a train we had to wait for, we decided to just take off walking on the on the River Walk. We have been to San Antonio twice before, once with kids and then on John’s 50th birthday. He turns 60 in a couple months so that means it’s been almost 10 years. 
Zuni's cafe patio on the River Walk
We started looking for a place for lunch when we noticed one restaurant was still serving breakfast, John’s favorite, so we ate at the Zuni cafe. It is so wonderful to be able to sit outside and enjoy our meal. Their breakfast is excellent; they have wonderful pancakes with cinnamon. We continued our walk and headed up to Alamo Plaza. We’ve been inside the Alamo both times on our previous visits so this time we just walked around. We went back and finished up a nice long walk along the River Walk and then headed back. I know there are other things we could have done but knowing we had to drive back made us want to head out before rush hour. 
We did get one more warm day on Thursday so we spent most of it outside getting our workouts in and just relaxing. We’ve gotten to know a few of the people here in the park so we invited two of the couples down for happy hour. It was fun to just sit around and talk. Both couples are from the Midwest, one from Missouri the other from Michigan. The couple from Michigan are snowbirds that have been coming to Texas for many years and have stayed many different areas. It was fun to hear about all the things they’ve done in the area over the years.
Alamo Plaza
Friday was a cold windy day so we used it to just catch up around the rig. Saturday started out looking the same but then the wind calmed down and we decided it would be a good day to check out Luckenbach and do a few errands on our way through Kerrville, so off we went. 
Luckenbach was made famous by Willie Nelson and is still a place for great music. It really isn’t a town, just a bar, gift shop and dance hall. It was still a little cool so we looked for a nice spot in the sun to listen to the music. This is a big spot for bikers to stop. There were lots of great Harley’s and other assorted bikes in the lot and later a group of vintage muscle cars showed up. The music was hosted by Jimmy Lee Jones and it really is whoever shows up and joins in and it really was a group of talented country musicians.
We found a table out in the sun across from a very fun couple, Karen and John. They are retired and living in San Miguel, Mexico. John is from Texas so he is showing Karen Texas and then they are headed towards Taos to hopefully find a place there for the summer. It was fun talking about the different ways we’ve chosen to live. They gave us some sites to check into coming to Mexico for awhile. You never know, we just may.
Intersesting bike,how do like that trunk?

Luckenbach Dance Hall

Another great bike

the classic muscle cars

While the four of us were chatting, a family joined us at the table. What a small world, the father/grandfather in the group grew up on Iowa and the son Rick was a fraternity brother of John’s (same fraternity, different colleges).  It all made for very lively conversation and kept us there until almost dinner time. Karen and John were staying in Fredericksburg so they asked us to join them at The Brewery for dinner. It was a fun meal with new friends and it just supports my belief that the best part of this life are the people you meet along the way.
Karen and John
Our time in the Hill Country is coming to a close; we still have this week but will be leaving on Friday or Saturday morning. We have enjoyed our time in Texas but I’m ready to head to areas that offer a little more in the way of hiking so our next stop will be   New Mexico (with an overnight in Fort Stockton). I think we have decided on staying at Elephant Butte state park for a week. We were there last spring and it’s a beautiful park.

Happy Trails......................


  1. It really is a small world and most people find some common ground. That's really great that you met up with such nice people. I enjoyed your photos - the bikes were great!

  2. I'm really enjoying following you through Texas. Even though we'll be going there in May (flying, not with RV), I can't wait to be there with our fifth-wheel. Lots to see!

  3. Really liked both places, thanks for the revisit:)

  4. Sounds like a great time! You guys are a little ahead of us again this year. We'll be in New Mexico in April. We plan to spend a week at The Ranch (Escapee Park) near Carlsbad Caverns. First Kevin has to get his fill of baseball. He's getting excited!

  5. Great blog about some interesting places.

    Some of those bikes are pretty wild looking.

  6. Glad you enjoyed your time in TX. Interesting that you met someone living in San Miguel. It is a beautiful city and we have often said that it would be high on our list if we opted to live in Mexico (great architecture and lots of culture). I hope the weather in NM is much nicer than when we were there. That was really the only really gloomy weather we encountered. Take care.

  7. Sounds like you've been having LOTS of fun! Luckenbach looks a little livelier than when we were there. Glad you got together with other RVers there. Was one of the couples the one with the cute puppy?


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