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We arrived safely at the Triple T Resort in Kerrville where we will be staying for a month. This winter I have been making us month stays to save a little money which was good since we just spent a bundle to get the transmission replaced. That worked well coming here and I think John is almost in the mood to blog about that whole project. He actually got under the truck today to take photos of it. This resort is ok so far. There are two areas of sites and we are in an area with longer term rentals but all pretty nice rigs. There is also ann area for larger rigs with pull throughs that will fit your big rigs. There aren’t a lot of rigs here but unlike Port O’Connor the rigs that are here actually have people in them. We even sat and had a beer with a couple of folks who have the two rigs across from us. Both are from the Galveston area and now are full time residents here. They said they are tired of running from the hurricanes so sold their property bought trailers and moved them here. Terry and her husband who is a trucker live in one and her husbands best friend Donny owns the other trailer, he works off shore a month on and a month off working with the barges. Nice people.
The lodge

The Office

Pool to the left, fitness center & laundry behind
The “resort”, I’ll use that loosely does have a few amenities. There is a pool and hot tub but it is locked up even though it still has water in it. There is a lodge that has a pool table, ping pong table and big screen tv. This area also has rooms it looks like they rent out. It is ok but not great. Next to the pool is another building that has an exercise room with minimal  weight equipment and several ellipticals and steppers. There will be no excuses for not getting my aerobics in. This building also houses the laundry room which appears adequate. One of the interesting things is that the office even though the sign says open, no one is there and the shelves for what looks like a small shop are empty. Someone came from a trailer next to it (permanent mobile home) to check us in but they don’t seem to keep regular hours. I found this out when I went to the office to ask a couple questions and no one was there.   I may have to call to get my questions answered. So there is good and bad but this is about an hour from almost everywhere we want to visit maybe a little longer to a few. This middle ground will be a good base for discovering the hill country.
Newer area of pull throughs big enough for the bigger rigs
We will probably wait until Monday to start exploring the area but I am looking forward to it.  I know some of you know this area. If you have any suggestions on things to do please share it. 

Happy Trails................................


  1. We did not spend a lot of time in the hill country so, unfortunately, can't help you out. Selfish speaking, we wish you were here on the coast with us! Enjoy your time there.

  2. We've never been to that area so I'll be looking forward to your posts. We've stayed in a lot of campgrounds like you're in and I kind of like them. They are perfect for exploring from and they aren't the kind you get so comfy at that you never leave home. Have a great time exploring.

  3. You guys certainly have been busy while we were away. I just read your posts. Sorry to hear about the truck problems. Better that it was fixed before something happened while you were towing. Enjoy your stay in hill country!

  4. We spent a week there staying the the Buckhorn RV Resort. We attended a RV Dreams workshop there.

    We really enjoyed our visit to LBJ's summer White House. It is a nice day trip and maybe you'll be lucky and get to see the bluebonnets in bloom.

  5. We left Kerrville Sunday morning - really sorry to have missed you - didn't read your blog soon enough! We were only there one night, but in 2009 stayed longer, enjoyed Kerrville, Fredericksburg, The WW II Museum, The Wildflower Farm, the LBJ Western White House, and a beer at Lukenback - not much else at Lukenback! You might like other things - lots to see and do in the Hill Country - Have Fun.

  6. Never been to that area so I'll be looking forward to your posts to see what you've found.


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