Fun with New Friends

Pretty sky over the Triple T Resort

Wednesday night we got together with the Brights. The lodge here is actually nicer than I first thought. The day I was up there I really didn’t explore enough but Sheryl showed me that there was also a library and kitchen area along with the pool table, ping pong table and big screen TV. We met up at the lodge for games. Now John and I don’t know a lot of card games but we are always open to learning. I know that seems odd to a lot of people but we didn’t grow up in card playing families and with our kids we played more board games than cards. So now we are learning.
John at the pool table in the lodge

Jeff and Sheryl are a lot of fun. The guys played some pool while Sheryl and I played an interesting game of ping pong. Out went the rules; we figured if we could just keep the ball on the table and going back and forth that was good enough for us. I mean who really cares how many times it bounces on the way there?!  The we sat down to learn a few games. First up we played a game called golf, simple and fun. Next up we learned to play Skip Bo, I really enjoyed that one. Last up we played Left-Right-Center which is a dice game and great for winning (or losing) some laundry money. Luckily they took pity on us beginners and we just used chips instead of money. It was a good night for making new friends and lots of laughs. Laughing, I think, is one of the best and healthiest activities in life! 
Thursday morning it was time for the Brights to move on so wished them well and safe travels. The truly best part of this lifestyle are the people you meet. Thanks Sheryl and Jeff!
Jeff and Sheryl, we actually were having more fun than it looks like in this photo.
Thursday was cloudy but decent weather, they keep forecasting rain but we’ve only had a little until today (Friday) and it looks like we will have scattered showers throughout the day. That’s ok as we need to do a few errands and I really need to do laundry. Yep, even in this lifestyle we have to do the chores. 
We have about 2 weeks left here and we still want to go to Luckenbach, Bandera, and San Antonio. There also a few more wineries to check out. One of the nice things about staying a month is being able to spread the sightseeing out a little more, nice slow pace. The bad thing is at about 2 weeks I start getting hitch itch. I have tried to combat that by planning out our spring and fall trips. I did make reservations at the Grand Canyon Trailer Village for the last week of March and one for Custer State Park in South Dakota next August. I usually don’t make reservations that far ahead but these are both places that fill up early. I waited a little too long to do the Grand Canyon and instead of April I had to go with March. I went ahead and booked Custer, knowing that August is prime family vacation time and it gives us a time frame to leave Iowa and head to Washington State. I have both trips, spring and fall, loosely mapped out and I am still doing the research for campgrounds. I always know that these plans will probably change and evolve as we go but I like having a loose framework for our travels.
Happy Trails...........................


  1. Isn't it nice to meet some new people? RVr's are a friendly bunch! Looks like you are doing great finding wineries in TX..

  2. Love that sky picture - beautiful. Sounds like you are having fun with Jeff and Sheryl. I like the way you and Sheryl played ping pong!!

  3. Yes it was a very fun time with the two of you. ALOT more fun than that picture shows! Maybe if someone had been sober enough to take a picture of us playing ping-pong that last time, it would have been clear how much fun we were having!
    We like our new home for a week, but its pouring down rain today!

  4. We know how to play all three of those games and we have Skip-Bo. So, next time we see you, there will be more game playing :)

    Glad you're having a good time. Your future plans sound great! Grand Canyon and Custer State Park are both amazing places.

  5. Sounds like TX is agreeing with the two of you. Hope you continue to have good weather.

  6. Glad you're having such a fun filled time ~ we love Custer!!!
    I know you'll have fun there.
    Travel safe


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