Well, I was looking at the blog and decided it needed a change so I played with things and this is what I came up with. Not a lot different but a slightly different look with some new things added. We are getting ready for the big transition to the RV. The weather has improved and we think spring may actually arrive in a month or so. The plan is to bring the RV to Cedar Rapids around the middle of April and then slowly move in, deciding what fits and what has to go - John is ready to throw almost everything out and I'm gathering steam to do the same. We have been in the condo for almost a year and it is unbelievable the stuff we have never used since the move and that it after getting rid of over half our stuff!! We need to line up a storage garage for the things that we need to store for Mitch and John is busy getting things we still need for the RV.
This weekend we are taking a little trip to Minneapolis to watch one of our hockey sons, Kevin Wehrs, play hockey for the Minnesota Gophers. We haven't had the chance to watch him play and it was bugging me. We realized we actually had the weekend free and the Gophers have their last regular season home games. Tracey and Dan Wehrs were gracious enough to let us come for a short visit. They play Wisconsin on Friday night and Sunday afternoon. We are headed to the Sunday game.
On the way there I finally get to stop and shop at Cabela's. My brother Gary and his wife gave me gift card to Cabela's for taking Austin's senior photos and I have yet to get a chance to spend it - so shopping trip here I come. Most of my girlfriends will think this is a crazy place to shop but for me it is heaven - just the type of clothes to fit our crazy new lifestyle!


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