Hockey, photos and preparing for the next move

Life is getting busier here and you get to hear from me a little more, once we get in the RV I think you will hear more from John. Last weekend we headed to Minneapolis to watch another of our hockey sons play. Kevin plays for Minnesota Gophers and is in his junior year. His team was out of town the weekend we went up to Duluth and I was hoping to see him play then too but obviously that didn't work. So trying to find another weekend was a challenge. About a week ago I realized we had a weekend free and checking the schedule, the Gophers had home games. Graciously his parents said come on up even though they are in the middle of a major remodel on their house. One of the benefits of housing these fellas is getting to know their families. Tracey,Dan,Kevin's brother Ryan and even their dog Gordy are special to us. We truely enjoy our time with them.
The hockey game was on Sunday at Mariucci arena. If you ever get the chance go see a game there, it is a beautiful rink and not a bad seat in the house. The Gophers were on their game and won easily over Wisconsin, though they had lost to them Friday night. We missed the game Friday and so missed the biggest hit of Kevin's college career but luckily some caught it on video and I wanted to share it with you. Here is link to youtube.

Go Kevin!!!!

I've been pretty busy since January with photography. I did all the team and individual photos for the Youth Hockey program here in Cedar Rapids. I did it two years ago and swore I'd never do it again but this time things went very well and the extra money has been nice as we get ready for our travels. I always hesitate to think of myself as a photographer but I love my opportunities to do that. A couple weeks ago I got to take my first ever baby photos. I went out to a friend's (all my customers come by friends etc.) house to photograph their 6 mo old. It was so much fun. I look at this as practice for my grandkids (when and if I ever have any). Thought I'd share my favorite photo from the shoot.

Spring break has arrive for Kirkwood so I have the next week off. Yeah!!!! So tomorrow John and I are headed to Dubuque to spend a day with our 5th wheel. We talked about taking it to one of the parks but the ground is so soggy from all the snow melt and rain that I think we will just stay on the lot for one night. I want to work on some organizing and we need to reorient ourselves with our new home. The plan is to bring it here to CR in about a month and start the move in process. We are excited and a little nervous for all the changes ahead. Soon there should be news from the road or actually the parks. Until then....


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