Went out for a walk today, mid 50's and sunshine! Hard to believe, it has been a long cold winter. As I walked there, were kids playing basketball & riding bikes, people working on their yards, but me I'm just out for a walk. My life has certainly changed. Not long ago I would have been one of those working on their yards. I was thinking about whether or not I missed that. Guess what? the answer is no! I really thought maybe I would but at his time in my life I'm glad I don't have to take care of a house and yard. Now I can understand enjoying that, and remember when I did and I never want you to think that is a bad thing but for this time in my life it is not for me.
We went to Dubuque where the 5th Wheel is in storage and spent the day organizing and checking on things we need. It became very evident that we still have lots of downsizing to do, but I'm ready for the challenge. I am looking forward to the time that I open the door and the yard is a park that someone else mows and my job is to walk out and enjoy the day. I look forward to going for a hike out my front door, or grabbing the camera and finding something special to photograph.
Spring is coming.... and I am ready for the next adventure.


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