Getting ready

It seems like everyday we are doing things to get ready to bring the RV this direction. The weather is suppose to be beautiful this week and today we discussed getting it this weekend. I have Friday off so if the forecast continues to look good John will call the dealer to get it ready. He'd like to spend one night at the dealers to make sure everything is running correctly before we leave. I've emailed the people at Pleasant Creek to make sure that at least the electricity is on and when they think the water will be turned on. Since we will still have the apartment we can shower here and conserve water, but may have to have them fill the fresh water tank at the dealer. This spring weather is making it hard to hold off. Spending Easter in the rig would be a treat.We did go out and hike the campground and trails at Squaw Creek Park on Saturday. Of all the Parks in the area I think it may be our favorite - it has some great pull throughs, pull outs and back ins. The sites are fairly large with good spacing and privacy on the outer part of the loop. They also have a brand new shower house. The stalls are individual rooms for each shower so lots of privacy. Though we have a shower in the 5th wheel if we stay more than a week we will have to do some water conservation as it is easy to fill up the gray water tank. Most of the parks we will be in, either have only have electric or have water and electric but no sewer hook up. Its all doable but we have to change the way we do things. I took a few photos on my phone's camera but they really don't do it justice. This park will probably be our second spot to stay.

Back to getting ready, today we purchased a cool telescoping ladder, from online stores we received our levelers (John chose these instead of just boards because of the weight), wheel chocks and on its way is the repeater for the tire pressure monitoring system. He's still researching a few more items. I ordered some collapsible cookware -we'll see what I think of that when it comes. So much to do. I'm glad we are doing a gradual move in.


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