Digitizing everything

One of the challenges of getting ready to go on the road is all the paper in our lives and that includes photos. I have spent the last year an a half scanning, scanning and scanning. The difficult part is deciding what to do with the originals. Most we just threw out but many of our family and friends received their share - now they have more paper in their lives -Oops!
Then there are the videos that were taken with a Sony 8mm camera. Found a place to convert them to DVD. They were fun to watch and had a few surprises. One video in particular I am going to share with you because it is comical and timely with Easter coming up. What I discovered is that John use to get the video camera out when I wasn't around. This one and a couple others I just viewed for the first time this year. They are funny but I'm not sure I would have totally thought so at the time, just check out my sofa by the end of the video. Enjoy!


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