Birthday Boy

Sunday was John's birthday. We had a very easy going quiet day - he got to sit and read most of the day since it was so rainy and any excuse to sit and read is a good thing by him. In the evening we went to a local pizza joint with family, great pizza and great company. This was the first year that we put out our request for no gifts and we were thankful that everyone respected that request. When you are living in 300 sq. ft. it becomes a no gift zone. We have spent a year and a half purging our stuff so this policy is a must. Our favorite gift is just spending time with those we love.

Happy birthday John! As the card you once gave me says.

" Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be."


  1. A happy belated birthday to John, We think that is a good idea of the no gift ruleing, we have just started the purge around here and there are so many things we will part with that have been around forever, Sam's Trains ,some of Donna's collectables, but that is stuff we enjoyed having and now we are ready for another phase in life.You guys have fun and be safe oput there, maybe we will see you down the road. Sam & Donna

  2. Happy Birthday, mine was the 28th.. and of note, I got pink flamingo's to decorate my campsites with. Hope you had a fun one!


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