Moving day.

Stardate whatever: I’m losing track already, and it’s only been a couple of weeks since we took delivery of the starship.Moving day today. I’m nervous and just want to get it over with. We have water and a 50 amp service where we’re at, so I’m not sure I even want to move. Coward. We know the drill and are veterans of two moves. We’ve busted a slide, and survived it so what else could go wrong?
This move went smoothly right up to when I slammed my finger in the tailgate. The truck was already hitched to the rig (is the rig the truck and the 5th wheel or just the 5th wheel?) so I had to stand off to the side to close the tailgate. The rails that hold the cover of the truck bed don’t allow enough room for a finger between the end of the rail and the tailgate. The tailgate will actually close though, if you slam it hard enough. Good thing we store the first aid kit where you can get to it with the slides in.We had planned on going to Palisades, a local state park, but the state parks don’t have water service at their sites so we opted for another county park. Not listening to the water pump constantly cycling is nice. What wimps. Being close to a Walmart was nice also. I’m starting to like that store. They had the water pressure regulator I needed when I decided the plastic one the dealer gave us was worthless. They also had some screws to replace a couple I sheared off on the utility access cover on the side of the coach (what’s with that?). I had to buy a bag of 100, but now I have plenty.
Dumping the tanks went without a hitch, just like before. This is turning out to be the most routine part of moving. This time we had water for back flushing the sewage tank, so I encouraged Janie to do that (I was injured, so I got to supervise). We couldn’t actually see the drainage from the black water tank, so next time I think I’ll just pull the hose out a little and look. Maybe I’ll see something interesting.We also dumped our fresh water tank this time, since I knew we would have water hook-up where we were going. I also wanted to see if the rig handled any different with empty tanks.Turned out, handling was about the same. The rig tends to porpoise a little around 50 – 55 mph, but it hauls nicely around 65 mph. The truck was up to it, so let ‘er rip.
This new park is sweet. Quieter than our last site since we’re not close to any major roads. Very scenic. I might have to get a pair of hand shears to cut some branches over hanging our site. Should be easy from the top of the rig; anything I can reach.This is our first back-in site. We would have opted for a pull-through, but while we were deciding another rig came in and took the only pull-through left. Must’ve been some newbies who couldn’t handle their rig. Not us though. Janie picked out a site she liked and I backed it over the grass and recovered in time to put it right in the middle of the gravel part. Just like I meant to.
I could get used to living like this. Since we’ve been in our new home, we’ve only stayed in the apartment one night, when we had tornado warnings and the park’s shower building wasn’t open yet. I think we have most of what we plan on keeping in the 5th wheel. The apartment still has lots of stuff in it, and we knew it would, but it’s still sobering to see how much stuff we’re leaving behind; again. It’s awesome.The captain has turned the seat belt sign off: you’re free to move about the country.


  1. John, sorry about the finger, I hope it heals pronto. Here is something that would eliminate holding the sewer hose out to see if you are getting clear water,

  2. What a beautiful park! We have been meaning to get over to Eastern Iowa to check out the fly fishing and beautiful parks for some time now. It is so cool that you are moving toward full-time RV living.


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