A Squaw Creek Walk

We have moved our rig to Squaw Creek park in Marion IA. We changed our plans when we found out the county parks were open and the water is turned on. The Linn county parks are beautiful and very well kept. This one has a new shower house and the sites are large. There is a little noise from the highway but I can deal with that. We bought an 80 day coupon book for the Linn County parks which brings our daily rate down to $13.00 and we have water and electricity. We will probably move about once a week as that is when we will have to dump our tanks (at least that is what we are shooting for.)It is an absolutely beautiful day and I knew a morning walk was a must. Walking out the door into this park was a wonderful reminder of why we want to do this. I just walk out my door to incredible trails. I walked on the road to the trail head as I didn't have a map and when I checked the map out there realized I could take the trail right back to the campground. So off I went for about a 3-4 mile hike. The sun was shinning, the birds were singing what more could I ask for. When I followed the trail back to the campground I found it entered just two sites away from where we are parked. You might not see it from the road as it is a grass path just over the downhill edge of the road. Now that I know I won't need to take the road at all.We've had some stressful moments as we learn about our rig but I am going to let John write about that. I think he needs to recover a little first. Until then I hope everyone has a sunny day!


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