Pleasant Creek State Park - view from our yard

We have been mainly living in our new home for almost a week. Many trips have been made to the condo for showers, sorting and hauling, laundry and a one night stay due to tornado warnings. It is definitely an adventure but the view from my yard makes it all worthwhile.
The weather true to an Iowa spring has been a bit volatile. We had a lot of rain a little hail, and a tornado warning. The tornado warning is the only one that sent us in town to sleep. The storm shelter here at the park are the shower houses and they are still locked up until they turn the water on at the end of this week. So we pulled the slides in locked up and went to the condo. Half way into town I asked John if he had turned the ceiling fan in the living room off before we pulled the slides in. His answer was "I didn't know it was on". Oops that is my fault it was hot when I got to the rig so turned it on to move some air. I didn't hear a crunch when we pulled the slides in so hopefully the fan was all right. Sure enough when we got back Wednesday night the fan was running over the top of the slides. Stupid me but at least it turned out OK - I'll remember to check that next time.
Sunday afternoon we are going to move to Palisades Kepler State park near Mt. Vernon Iowa. It is closer for me to work and about the same distance for John. Palo adds half an hour to my commute to Iowa City. Palisades is the park where John and I got married and has always been a favorite. We won't have the lake view but there are wonderful hiking trails along the river. We need the hitching up practice and a friend Mike is going to meet us there for some lessons on backing this thing up. Luckily if something happens and he doesn't make it they also have some pull-thrus.
The trailer is filling up and we are trying to really evaluate what we need and what we don't, the biggest part of this adventure is truly the simplifying. How many clothes do you need anyway?? Well that is a big question for me, John doesn't seem to have a problem with that one. I've added some photos of where we are now. If you are in the area and want to join us please stop by.


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