Bye Bye Saturn

In 1996 we purchased a new green 4 door SL2 Saturn. John hates the haggling over price that the dealers play so their one price system was a big plus for him. It was a great car. It even survived Mitchell learning to drive a manual and Gabe trying to learn (he gave up on it and learned later from a friend). It also survived Mitchell's teen years though it has a broken bumper to prove it. The skylight leaked and so the fabric inside on the roof decided to come loose, the frame was starting to rust, needed new shocks and new rear brakes and had 168,000 miles on it. It was a good car but obviously had seen better days.

We decided to donate it to Iowa Public Radio. I think this is a great program and since we listen to IPR almost everyday we felt it was the way to go. Last Monday a tow truck showed up at the apartment parking lot to take it away. I never thought I'd get nostalgic about a car but it was hard to watch it leave. It's like an era has passed and I can never get it back. Sometimes this getting old thing stinks but since I can't stop the progress of time, I wave goodbye and look ahead to the next adventure.


  1. just found your blog through Bayfield Bunch ..congrats on just beginning your adventure..ours wont begin until 2014 but we continue to live vicariously through all the blogs!!

  2. We too are in the process of selling the house and then we will leave in our 5th wheel, hopefully soon. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.


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