Casa Grande visit with friends

Mountains on our way back to Tucson

This sunny Tucson weather is fantastic. We are really enjoying it here. John’s hip is getting a little better but I am making him start out slow this time so he’s walking a little but not much. 
John and Gayle

John M,  John D and Gayle at the ruins
Yesterday we went to Casa Grande to meet friends from home, John and Gayle Morgan. John and I have known each other a long time. He is a periodontist and I would sub in his office when the kids were little to make a little extra money. Now he helps on the clinic floor on occasion with the dental hygiene students I teach when I am in Iowa. When we were looking for a 5th wheel we talked some and then after we ordered our Excel, John reminded me that Excel is what they had. Great minds think alike. Last summer we got together with John and Gayle and we enjoyed each others company. When we realized we were both heading to the SW we talked about getting together. When we were in California it didn’t look like that would happen but our recent move to Tucson (they highly recommended it) made a visit possible.They are currently in Mesa, so half way between is Casa Grande. We decided to meet there for lunch and then go tour the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. It was just so good to see them and we found plenty to talk about and had some good laughs. 
the "Big House"
The Casa Grande Ruins are just outside Coolidge Arizona. These are the ruins of the Hohokam people who lived in this area. They were a pretty advanced civilization. They had extensive irrigation system and they think 3-5 thousand lived in this 2 square mile area. The area you can view is not large but contains the “Big House”, thus the name Casa Grande, what they think was a ball court and several other buildings. It was educational and a nice little side trip for the day.
Great Horned Owl in the rafters
The Big House is covered by a canopied building to help protect it from the sun and wind. In the rafters of the canopy they have a nesting pair of Great Horned Owls. I did get a photo of one but he was looking the wrong way but still kind of cool.
John and I took a photo to send back to everyone on the clinic floor, a wish you were here and glad we aren’t there (still too cold and snowy in Iowa) photo. 
Janie and John Morgan

Happy Trails.................


  1. We'll be in Casa Grande next week. We'll have to check out the ruins. Sounds like your weather is as nice as ours.

  2. We are glad you are enjoying your stay in Tucson with friends. You took some great pictures and captured lots of smiles.

  3. Very nice weather you're having!! Nice to have friends visit, I bet.


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