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Desert near the Diamond J

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We have settled in here at the Diamond J RV Park in Tucson. It is a nice park with sites that are a decent size. It is a no frills place, has a decent laundry and club house. They do have a pickle ball court, horseshoe area and a little mini golf area, though you rarely (like never) see anyone use these. They do have a few organized events: like today there was a group hike led by one of the other RVers. One of the things we are really enjoying about this park is there are four other Excel RVs here. We have met the owners and they are a great group of people. In fact we went over to Ralph and Cheryl’s to watch the Superbowl. We were rooting for different teams and it was a close game but our Packers came out on top. We are not huge football fans but we always watch the Superbowl and we are partial to the midwest teams. Go Pack!
Yesterday I went out for a walk and while walking I started counting all the different state license plates in the park. It was really fun. So far these are the states represented in the park: Arizona, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota,Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, also several Canadian rigs. That is 23 states and a couple Canadian Provinces. How cool is that.
Our hiking group
How many arms do you count?
John is still nursing an injury and is pretty much staying put so I was happy to have this group hike. There were 22 of us and we hiked right from the park on the North trail.There are tons of trails in this area and I am glad I was with someone who knew where they were going. The hike was relatively easy. Only one area of uphill climbing. One of the cool things along this trail is a saguaro cactus with lots of arms. You see some with 3-4 arms but this many is very unusual. It was a great hike and met several new people. Looking forward to more hikes; it sounds like they usually have one organized group hike every week. Today’s hike was 5 miles, makes for great exercise.

Old Tucson in the distance

Happy Trails................


  1. Five miles is quite a hike, but I guess you're used to it. I did about three miles today, in two parts. I don't want to overdue it after being ill. :)

    Neat saguaro...

  2. I really enjoy reading your daily blogs. I dream of warm places when I do :)

  3. Love the blog......I told you Ralph and Cheryl were neat people!!! Have fun. You haven't been talkin' about us...is ya?? rockin'

  4. Glad to hear you are settling into your new home. We prefer those no frills parks to the ones full of activity, since we tend not to partake anyway. It sounds like this place may have just the right balance. Hopefully you'll have lots of warm weather and enjoy your time there!


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