Great Horned Owl

Momma on the nest when we arrived

Watching from a nearby cactus
Tuesday I went on the organized group hike again. This time it was a 4 mile out and back hike to a saguaro cactus that has a great horned owl nest. Steve, who leads the hike, told us it was too early for them to be nesting. I talked with him and told him the great horned pair at the Casa Grande Ruins was already nesting. He was surprised but said we would have to see. It was a fairly flat hike to the nest and sure enough there was a momma on the nest. So the group stayed at a distance and we all took turns going a little closer. I went in the first group and as soon as we moved a little closer she left the nest, and watched from close by as several groups took turns getting a closer look. Soon as we were all back in the large group she was back on the nest. She is a big girl and quite fun to see.
Now waiting in the tree
I am hoping John will be back in hiking form next week but we will see. If not hiking we may take in one of the bike trails here in Tucson. I found one that is about 12 miles and supposedly the parking lot is right across the street from one of the Trader Joe’s locations.
Momma back on the nest as we get ready to leave
Even though John is kind of out of commission, I am trying to get back on track with walking and running (getting a little further each time) and back at the resistance training. I always feel so much better when I am working out I don’t know why it is so easy not to do it. I’ve got a couple weeks under my belt now. I just want to keep it up and make some progress. I really think my back injury earlier was a result of not doing those resistance workouts. I don’t have any weather excuses any more either - just gotta get out there. :)

Happy Trails........


  1. I think it's so hard to get back into an exercise routine once you get out of it. I, too, feel so much better when I can maintain a routine. Trying to get back in the habit now. :)

  2. Great pictures of her! What an experience to see that.

  3. We humans are a funny sort sometimes. I was thinking the exact same thoughts about exercise this morning. I tried to start running this winter and was doing really good on the treadmill at the gym. Then I got out of the routine. I've tried to pick it up again since we've been here and when I'm out doing it I think how great it feels, but I seem to have trouble motivating myself to do it on a regular basis. Why is something that feels good and we know is good for us so hard to do??

    Cool pics of the owl. What a treat!


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