Nimbus Brew Pub

We have definitely settled in. Life has slowed down and we are happy. :)
Saturday we went to find one of Tucson’s microbreweries, Nimbus. We always search the net for local brew pubs and this one was recommended by Dr. John. Getting there was interesting, it is in an industrial area at the end of a dead end road. We did find it and it was a busy place. It was almost 2 pm which we thought would be a down time but it was hoppin’. I’d read that their Red Beer was exceptional  but just my luck they were out. So I tried the Imperial Porter and the Brown Ale. The Brown Ale gets my vote. John always has the stout and he always likes it - tells me hasn’t met a stout that wasn’t great. The food was exceptional also. The service is a little slow but since we aren’t in a hurry anymore it doesn’t bother.

That is about all we are up to these last few days. I am getting my workout in and John is walking more and tonight we got the bikes out. Our butts are definitely out of shape but it was a nice little ride. Once he is healthy I need to find a good bike trail.
Happy Trails


  1. Minnesota was the last place I had a sticks-n-bricks, don't you know? :)

  2. That's right up our alley! We also seek out the local microbrews. Colorado had quite a few and Portland says that they have the most craft beers. It's nice that so many towns now have microbreweries. We've pretty much become beer snobs and stay away from the basic brands, unless that's our only option and we're really thirsty! Glad to hear that you've settled in and are having fun. That's what's really important!

  3. I had to see if you had moved - there is a Nimbus Dam less than two miles from work!! Oh...I think I would have gone for the Brown too...


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