"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing"
- Helen Keller

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ready to start

Yesterday we drove from Eugene to Carl G. Washburne State Park just a little north of Florence, Oregon. This is where we will be staying as we volunteer at the Heceta Head Lighthouse. Tomorrow is our orientation and we have a lot of reading to do tonight to get ready.  Once again we are without cell signal but now we are pros at handling that. Our post will probably sporadic this month but stay tuned. This Lighthouse has recently been renovated and looks spectacular.
Heceta Head Lighthouse, from internet

Our next trip in town I'll tell you all about it, until then.....
Happy Trails................

Friday, February 22, 2013

Rainy Days

The Coquille River Lighthouse
Since the weather has turned rainy we have spent most of it inside. Thursday we did get into town a little and did some shopping. There is a fun toy store there and I made a couple great finds. We have a plan for our grandnephews and nieces for next Christmas and I found just what I needed at a very good price. I love a good deal! Also a couple little things for our new granddaughter.

Seal sculpture made from garbage collected along the shore
Also made from Garbage

Harbor at Bandon by the Sea

Inside we've been doing some reading and I am knitting some fingerless gloves. On Sunday we've decided to move to Eugene for a few days before our workcamping gig. It will give us a chance to do some shopping for a few things we can't find in these small towns. Hope its sunny where you are. 
Surfs Up!!

Happy Trails...................

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bullards Beach

Bullards Beach

We've moved up the coast again about 80 miles to Bullards Beach State Park near Bandon OR. We probably will be here until we move to our work camping spot for Heceta Lighthouse. There we will be staying at the Carl Washburn State Park.

Draw Bridge in Bandon

Our site in C loop

We have been so lucky with the weather until now. The coast is moving into its more normal wet weather pattern for this time of year. The temps have dropped into the 40 and it rained most of the night. Rain is in the forecast for the whole next week. 

We were able to get moved yesterday without any rain and after set up we took of on a nice walk. This park is lovely. The A and B loops are closed for the season and there are not as many FHU sites in C loop so we took a wonderful w/e site knowing we can use the blueboy  if necessary. We can always make the black tank last but the grey tank may need to be emptied at least once.

Trail to the beach
Today we decided to find somewhere with wifi. We are at a little coffee shop and since coffee is a favorite of ours we are enjoying our afternoon. I think we will enjoy our stay here even with the rain. :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Wonderful Valentines sunset

It was another picture perfect day here in southern Oregon. I think this weather has surpassed our hopes for this time of year. Sounds like things will start to change tomorrow but for now its great.
Lone Ranch Beach

View of coast from the Oregon Costal Trail

The trail
We anted to a little hiking, went to the Brookings info center and the lady there though very nice, was clueless so we just headed up the coast along the Samuel Boardman Park and Scenic Byway. We did stop at Lone Ranch Beach and hiked along the beach for awhile. The Organ Coastal trail goes along here but a bridge was out for Winter so we didn't get very far. Back in the car we enjoyed the ride along the rugged beaches and stopped again this time at the Thomas Bridge overlook. This is Oregon's tallest bridge but it is had to get a good photo even from the overlook. We did take the Oregon Coastal Trail from here a ways. It is a beautiful forested trail with great ocean views in this area but there are some erosion issues and some areas don't look that safe. The good part is we did get some hiking in. We turned back as we wanted to get a few things done before we headed down to the beach for a sunset and wine Valentines treat.

I think this was just about a perfect Valentines day. It was a little breezy when we first went down to the beach and set up but by sunset the wind died down and it was gorgeous. From the beach the sunset behind this large rock so a different view than the other day. We shared a bottle of wine we bought in Sonoma and shared our Dove chocolates. Hope you enjoy another sunset and I hope you were able to share the day with someone you love.

Happy Trails................

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beautiful Sunset

 To all my blogger friends, for some reason on the wifi I'm using its not letting me pick a profile to make comments. I've been replying to some on FB but not sure what thats all about. Rick, we don't have a phone that has a hotspot feature yet but that jogged my memory about a free tethering program my son has used on his android so went out and downloaded pdanet and we'll see if we an make that work for awhile. It won't be that long and we'll have our own connection going again. We waited because we do know that we may not have a signal when we go to Heceta Lighthouse so we decided to put it off for just a little while longer.

Yesterday we took our chairs and planted ourselves in the beautiful sunshine and read until sunset. It was fun to have such a beautiful sunset to photograph. Tonight we are going to do the same but down on the beach. We have decided that our Valentines will be finding a spot to watch the sunset and enjoy a bottle of wine so we are checking to see which site we like better, and no better way to end any day than a beautiful ocean sunset. The weather has continued to be beautiful though I think a change is coming this weekend. So enjoy the sunset. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Questions answered

We are sitting at a Fred Meyer using their wi-fi. We at the mercy of local wifi spots right now. The plan is to get a new MiFi card from Millenecom but we will wait until we get to our spot near Heceta Lighthouse so we have a place for it to be delivered. The park doesn't have wifi but it is only a short hike into town so we will probably be doing that. I do have a smart phone and our cell signal is great at the park so the most emails get to us and we can use the browser but I can only stand that for a little while.  We have moved up the coast a couple hours to Brookings OR and the Harris Beach State Park. I've taken a few photos but didn't get them uploaded to the computer so the only photo I have to share is from my phone.  
Harris Beach

Now to those questions. The first is about the weather. This is typically the rainy season on this part of the coast, but so far we've been lucky. Last week we had 1 day of steady rain and a few showers another day but that is really it. The temps last week were cool, in the high 40s but since we have arrived here the temps are in the mid 50s and the forecast has no rain in it for the time we are here. Today there are a few clouds but really, for hiking it is just about perfect. This is a bit off season for traveling this area but it has distinct advantages: no crowds, even on the weekends. There were times on our hikes that we never saw another hiker. We had that happen in Zion National Park when we were there in December. If you like solitude in nature these are great times to travel. This timing wasn't our first choice but life happens and you change gears but for us this is a nice change and a great way to travel

Now to Kevin, who asked why we always end up at a brewpub. Well, some people look for wineries and some for good food but we are always on the lookout for good crafted beer. It's just easy out west as there is a microbrewery in most of the towns we visit. John has turned me into a beer snob just like he is; I don't remember the last time I drank a beer from a regular brewery. No Budweiser here! And really, for us there is no better way to end a day than with a good brew, the trick is limiting it to one, which we have gotten better at. By the way, we have also found if you find a good brewpub you often find really good food too. :)

There should be lots of great photos to come of this incredibly beautiful area so until then:

Happy Trails...............................

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Walk Among the Giants

“The redwoods, once seen, leave a mark or create a vision that stays with you always. No one has ever successfully painted or photographed a redwood tree. The feeling they produce is not transferable. From them comes silence and awe. It's not only their unbelievable stature, nor the color which seems to shift and vary under your eyes, no, they are not like any trees we know, they are ambassadors from another time.”
 - John Steinbeck

It was a day to walk among these giants. Blue skies and cool temps. They are amazing. The size of these trees never ceases to amaze me. The other moss covered trees, the ferns, the filtered sunlight give it a surreal feel. The quiet of the forest seeps into your soul. So thankful these have been saved for the enjoyment of all. I’ve decided to let my photos and words of others tell my story.  Enjoy.

Trillium Falls

Roosevelt Elk

“You've seen one redwood, you've seen 'em all, right?
How many times, really, can you wander through a patch of redwoods and be silenced by the sheer beauty of these 2,500-year-old things? How many times does staring at a tree that was around when the Romans ruled the world make your life seem irrelevant? How many times can you be flat-out amazed by the sheer tenacity of redwoods to survive for 25 centuries?
Every time, actually, if you have any soul at all, because redwoods in California are, in fact, a big deal.
Seen one redwood, seen 'em all, right?
Get a life. Hug a tree. Get a crick in your neck. Be humbled.”
Zeke Wigglesworth, Mercury News

Happy Trails..........................

Friday, February 8, 2013

Trinidad, California

The lighthouse at Trinidad
Today, the sun was shinning after a day of lots of rain. Its chilly with a stiff wind but we really wanted to get outside. We hadn’t really checked out the little town of Trinidad which is actually about 4-5 miles south of the RV park so off we went.

This a really pretty little town on the ocean. Drove past the elementary school, it has an ocean view, that would be pretty nice. We drove down to their city beach and parked. The city has a trail built out along the point that is really nice. The views of the ocean , the harbor and the town are beautiful. There is a small lighthouse on the hill in town. Its probably the smallest lighthouse I’ve ever seen. 

We ended our afternoon by driving down to McKinleyville a few miles further south. We checked out a small micro-brew and pub called Six Rivers Brewery. It was a nice little pub with an ocean view. The beer was good and we shared a fresh halibut sandwich. Tomorrow the sun is suppose to be out again so I think it will be another hiking day in the Redwoods. There are a lot of trails in the park so we may pick a few and get some miles in. Until then I hope you enjoy Trinidad. :)

Happy Trails......................

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Northern California Coast and the Redwoods

View of Agate Beach from the rim trail
Sea Lions on the rocks
On Monday we moved a little further north to a park near Trinidad CA.  There are two parks here, Sounds of the Sea and Azalea Glen. The prices are about the same. Sounds of the Sea has a couple sites where you can see the ocean and Azalea Glen is right across the street from a trail leading into Patricks Point State Park. We decided the ocean view was open and we are almost alone in the park so we are at Sounds of the Sea. If this park was busy I don’t think it would be as nice but traveling in the off season has its advantages. We also can hear the sea lions barking from here, that’s pretty cool.
Palmer's Point

Waves crashing at Patrick's Point
Since our drive was only about an hour we arrived early, got set up and decided to do some hiking. We have to hike along the road for about half of a mile to get to the trail into the park but the traffic is very light so no problem. Once into the park we found the rim trail and took it to Palmer’s Point first. Beautiful view of the ocean and a trail down to the tide pools. The only problem is the ladder at the bottom didn’t look to be in good shape so we decided against it. Back to the trail and a hike to Patrick’s Point. Here there is no beach but we were able to get down closer to the ocean. By the time we hiked back up from there we were exhausted so we headed home. All in all we hiked about 4-5 miles.
Janie at Agate Beach

The muddy area to the left was our way to the beach
Tuesday they were expecting rain for part of the day and it did start raining in the night but around 11 the rain stopped and the sun came out. Now being in the “Great NorthWet” as John’s brother Mike calls it, we knew if the sun was out we needed to make the most of it. One of the spots we didn’t have the energy for yesterday was Agate Beach so we headed back to the park and its rim trail and hiked to Agate Beach. The trail down was not as steep as yesterdays trek except when you get to the bottom again there is a ladder that isn’t very functional but here people had made a trail down. It looked a little scary but I was determined to walk on the beach. Taking it slow we both made it to the beach. It is a beautiful spot and we walked the beach looking for agates, found a few small ones and some beautiful polished pieces of driftwood.  Sometimes I’m not sure which I enjoy more, walking on a beautiful beach or through a beautiful forest. Luckily here I don’t have to decide, I get to do both all in the same hike (about 5 miles again today). Life is good.

The Big Tree
Today the sun was out again so after a slow start we wanted to check out the Redwoods National and State Park. Again we were about the only people out there. I think we made the rangers day coming in. She pointed out the scenic drives and all the hiking trails. After the last two days hikes we took it pretty easy today just doing a small hike around the Big Tree, and boy is it a big tree. This area of the Redwoods look even more like a rainforest. I’m almost as impressed with the moss covered trees as I am by the big trees. The ferns are incredible too. Today there were even some interesting looking mushrooms.

After driving north this far we really weren’t far from Crescent City and since we needed groceries we drove on up and ate lunch at the Healthy Harvest Cafe and found the local Safeway. Like I said, life is good. I love being on the road again and discovering new areas. The next two days are predicted to be very rainy so it will be some down time which we also enjoy. We are here until next Monday and the weekend is suppose to be nice so we may get some more hiking in. We’ve missed it and with such great opportunities ---- yippee!!!

The moss covered trees

Happy Trails.......................