A Wonderful Valentines sunset

It was another picture perfect day here in southern Oregon. I think this weather has surpassed our hopes for this time of year. Sounds like things will start to change tomorrow but for now its great.
Lone Ranch Beach

View of coast from the Oregon Costal Trail

The trail
We anted to a little hiking, went to the Brookings info center and the lady there though very nice, was clueless so we just headed up the coast along the Samuel Boardman Park and Scenic Byway. We did stop at Lone Ranch Beach and hiked along the beach for awhile. The Organ Coastal trail goes along here but a bridge was out for Winter so we didn't get very far. Back in the car we enjoyed the ride along the rugged beaches and stopped again this time at the Thomas Bridge overlook. This is Oregon's tallest bridge but it is had to get a good photo even from the overlook. We did take the Oregon Coastal Trail from here a ways. It is a beautiful forested trail with great ocean views in this area but there are some erosion issues and some areas don't look that safe. The good part is we did get some hiking in. We turned back as we wanted to get a few things done before we headed down to the beach for a sunset and wine Valentines treat.

I think this was just about a perfect Valentines day. It was a little breezy when we first went down to the beach and set up but by sunset the wind died down and it was gorgeous. From the beach the sunset behind this large rock so a different view than the other day. We shared a bottle of wine we bought in Sonoma and shared our Dove chocolates. Hope you enjoy another sunset and I hope you were able to share the day with someone you love.

Happy Trails................


  1. Great mind must think alike :) We spent the day at the seashore as well and drew a heart in the sand. I'll be writing about it tomorrow.

  2. What a nice Valentine's day..and great pictures of the two of you!

  3. Beautiful photos! Glad you had such a wonderful day with that terrific weather.

  4. Glad you and John had a great Valentine's Day. We look forward to hearing more about your volunteering at Haceta Head.


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