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We are sitting at a Fred Meyer using their wi-fi. We at the mercy of local wifi spots right now. The plan is to get a new MiFi card from Millenecom but we will wait until we get to our spot near Heceta Lighthouse so we have a place for it to be delivered. The park doesn't have wifi but it is only a short hike into town so we will probably be doing that. I do have a smart phone and our cell signal is great at the park so the most emails get to us and we can use the browser but I can only stand that for a little while.  We have moved up the coast a couple hours to Brookings OR and the Harris Beach State Park. I've taken a few photos but didn't get them uploaded to the computer so the only photo I have to share is from my phone.  
Harris Beach

Now to those questions. The first is about the weather. This is typically the rainy season on this part of the coast, but so far we've been lucky. Last week we had 1 day of steady rain and a few showers another day but that is really it. The temps last week were cool, in the high 40s but since we have arrived here the temps are in the mid 50s and the forecast has no rain in it for the time we are here. Today there are a few clouds but really, for hiking it is just about perfect. This is a bit off season for traveling this area but it has distinct advantages: no crowds, even on the weekends. There were times on our hikes that we never saw another hiker. We had that happen in Zion National Park when we were there in December. If you like solitude in nature these are great times to travel. This timing wasn't our first choice but life happens and you change gears but for us this is a nice change and a great way to travel

Now to Kevin, who asked why we always end up at a brewpub. Well, some people look for wineries and some for good food but we are always on the lookout for good crafted beer. It's just easy out west as there is a microbrewery in most of the towns we visit. John has turned me into a beer snob just like he is; I don't remember the last time I drank a beer from a regular brewery. No Budweiser here! And really, for us there is no better way to end a day than with a good brew, the trick is limiting it to one, which we have gotten better at. By the way, we have also found if you find a good brewpub you often find really good food too. :)

There should be lots of great photos to come of this incredibly beautiful area so until then:

Happy Trails...............................


  1. It is a beautiful part of the country. We were there in late May one year.

    I like going places "off season" The best. For me the biggest question will be what is the best places to be in mid summer. I hate high temperatures.

  2. We installed FoxFi on our smart phone. The cost was a one time $6.97. I used their free trial for a while and loved it. Now that is all we have... You might want to look into it.

  3. beer snob.... I call BS, you aren't a beer snob till you go to Beervanna... aka Portland...

  4. Joe is a retired Greyhound Bus Driver and the Oregon Coast was one of his routes. He has always Brookings is the warmest spot in Oregon in the winter.

  5. We like off-season travel for the very reason that the crowds are non-existent. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos from the area.

  6. Looks like a great area of Oregon too! We are getting severe hitch itch while we wait to get up there.

  7. Just wondering, you said you have a smartphone and a good cell signal. So, can your smartphone, like an iPhone, create a 'personal hotspot' to allow up to 5 devices to connect thru it to the Internet? I've used that a lot on my iPhone and it works great.

    You are in a beautiful part of the west coast, we love that area and will be travelling thru there on our way home in April.

  8. Harris Beach SP is great! Will you be staying at Carl Washburne SP for your work at Heceta Lighthouse?
    Yes... my husband turned me into a beer snob too. A true connoisseur!
    But guess what? we quit drinking 10 days ago! We're trying to get some weight off. But Im sure we will have no problem visiting some brewerys with you when we get together. Enjoy the ocean!

  9. Such beautiful country, isn't it? When we were at Haceta Head it was under construction so we are looking forward to some pictures from you when you get settled there.


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