Rainy Days

The Coquille River Lighthouse
Since the weather has turned rainy we have spent most of it inside. Thursday we did get into town a little and did some shopping. There is a fun toy store there and I made a couple great finds. We have a plan for our grandnephews and nieces for next Christmas and I found just what I needed at a very good price. I love a good deal! Also a couple little things for our new granddaughter.

Seal sculpture made from garbage collected along the shore
Also made from Garbage

Harbor at Bandon by the Sea

Inside we've been doing some reading and I am knitting some fingerless gloves. On Sunday we've decided to move to Eugene for a few days before our workcamping gig. It will give us a chance to do some shopping for a few things we can't find in these small towns. Hope its sunny where you are. 
Surfs Up!!

Happy Trails...................


  1. Pretty pictures. We have had very windy days this week so have been inside much of the time too. Wind is no more fun than rain. Can't wait to hear all about the lighthouse gig.

  2. Nice pictures, it has rained here all day as well:(

  3. I guess it is true about Oregon..lots of rain. I hope we have nice weather this summer up there. Either way it is beautiful country.

  4. It IS Sunny where we are. We have had amazing weather for at least a month now. So when do you start at Heceta... March 1st?

  5. Not much rain here. Are you still in Oregon?

  6. We loved Bandon and wish we were heading back there this summer. Enjoy your time in Eugene. We found it to be a great city. The Farmer's Market is fabulous!


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