Beautiful Sunset

 To all my blogger friends, for some reason on the wifi I'm using its not letting me pick a profile to make comments. I've been replying to some on FB but not sure what thats all about. Rick, we don't have a phone that has a hotspot feature yet but that jogged my memory about a free tethering program my son has used on his android so went out and downloaded pdanet and we'll see if we an make that work for awhile. It won't be that long and we'll have our own connection going again. We waited because we do know that we may not have a signal when we go to Heceta Lighthouse so we decided to put it off for just a little while longer.

Yesterday we took our chairs and planted ourselves in the beautiful sunshine and read until sunset. It was fun to have such a beautiful sunset to photograph. Tonight we are going to do the same but down on the beach. We have decided that our Valentines will be finding a spot to watch the sunset and enjoy a bottle of wine so we are checking to see which site we like better, and no better way to end any day than a beautiful ocean sunset. The weather has continued to be beautiful though I think a change is coming this weekend. So enjoy the sunset. :)


  1. Thanks for sharing a beautiful Oregon sunset.

  2. Lovely sunset shots. I think that is a perfect way to spend Valentine's day :)

  3. Happy Valentine's Day! Gorgeous photos Janie. :)


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