Flip and fold

I was doing laundry today and decided I need to share with you my new favorite tool. You would think after about 35 years or more of doing laundry there wouldn't be anything more I could learn about it but you be wrong. The worst part of this task for me is folding all those clothes and to be honest I am not very good at it, that is probably why I have always hated this task. Well one day last year I was watching an episode of "the big Bang" and Sheldon ( the king of all nerds with OCD) was doing his laundry using a tool that helps fold the clothes and when he was done he had this neat little perfectly folded stack of t-shirts.  Now some of you may have worked in retail clothing and experienced this tool there but that is one job I never had so didn't know this tool existed. Shortly after watching this episode I was shopping for things at the Container Store online for the 5th wheel and what did I find but a flip and fold. Well I just couldn't resist so I splurged and ordered one. Crazy as it seems it is one of my favorite things and now I don't dread the task of folding those clothes.  I took so photos today to show you how cool this is.

Living in the 5th wheel space is at such a premium and what I found is that with everything folded so uniformly it has made it easy to put things away in neat stacks that take up less room. That gives me a little more room for a few more shirts! When not in use the thing folds up and fits at the side of the closet.

I have one other discovery to share. Now that I am paying to do my laundry, the fewer the loads, the less I spend. A friend of mine told me about Color Catchers (you can find these in most stores that carry laundry supplies) back when I was sending the boys off to school. Since college students don't like to sort clothes it is perfect for them and now for me too. I still sort my permanent press from the clothes that need to be washed in hotter water but you just throw one of these in and then you don't have to sort by colors. They really work!

So you can teach and old dog (at least this old dog) new tricks, at least about laundry.


  1. Those are great ideas and great products. Thanks for sharing them and the web links.


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