Oops forgot one!

I can't believe I forgot to put this on my what we will miss list.
The Linn County Parks! Squaw Creek and Morgan Creek Parks have been our home this summer. We have logged almost 130 nights in the 2 parks. Since we were still working, these two parks have been the most convenient but after checking out others including two state parks in the area I have to say they can't be beat. They are not FHU but do have electric and water.  They allow 14 out of every 21 nights in each park so every week or two we would switch parks. They each have a little different feel but we like both and change our minds all the time regarding which is best. If you are traveling in this area I would highly recommend them. Squaw creek is in the process of putting in 22 FHU sites. Will have to check those out next summer when we are back.


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