Trailer Fire

It was moving day today. Moved from Squaw Creek back to Morgan Creek. Had been set up for about half an hour when I noticed the guy next door getting excited about something. Sat down at the table and realized what he was excited about was a trailer that had smoke coming out of it and he was telling his wife to cal 911. Grabed my camera and headed out. Here is what it looked like.

The smoke was coming out the roof and the vent on the side. Now the whole campground is standing watching for the smoke thinking flames could come shooting out any minute and anxiously awaiting the fire department. Well 5 min later the smoke seems to be letting up luckily because no sirens could be heard. Twenty minutes later the fire truck pulls in but now just a little smoke obviously more of a smoldering fire. Good thing it wasn't an all out flames etc. fire. The whole campground could have gone down before they got there.

This concerns me because we are only about 2 miles from Cedar Rapids NW fire station. However the park is in the county and a Palo address so that's how the call got routed. So instead of a truck coming from 2 miles away the volunteer fire department of Atkins, about 10 miles away showed up. I am sure there are some local and county politics involved in how those calls are routed and that sad for those of us who could have been affected by this fire.

Back to the trailer. The owner had parked just half hour before and left to get groceries. The good thing there is no one was in the trailer, the bad part was he returned to a ruined trailer. Turns out it was the refrigerator.  We know there are recalls out on a lot of rv fridges so it is a reminder to us all to check on that. So that was the excitement in the park on Sunday.

Last weekend we had a beautiful Saturday night and the sunset at was spectacular. I'll sign off with a few photos.


  1. I'm glad no one was hurt in the fire, and no animals must have been inside. We have had the recall done on our refrigerator, but I have read you need to check regularly for mud daubers, insects, mice damage, etc. Just make sure the compartment is clean.


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