I'm Officially Done (until next summer)

This morning I put the grades in for the semester so now my commitment to Kirkwood is over until next summer.  I do love teaching so by teaching this class in the summer it is letting me ease out and we will consider it our work-camping for the summer.  It will help us economically so we feel it is a good fit. So I'm retired (kind of).

Took the truck in for an oil change and to find out why one tire seems to have a slow leak. Well wouldn't you know what we really need is new tires. Now this truck takes 6 tires - really big tires- and of course it will be more money than we have ever spent on tires but it is a necessity for our chosen lifestyle. They think they are original to the truck which makes them 4 years old with about 50,000 miles on them so it is just time. Of course it wasn't an expense we were planning on right now but it will all work out. Will probably wait until the week after John retires.

Guess what the weather is like outside??? Yes, rain again. In fact we just had a storm pass through that was suppose to be very strong so I came in to Panera's for coffee and brick walls. It passed and I don't think it was as bad as they predicted. I got caught in the downpour for about 5 minutes but made it safely here. Whew! Now I hope the trailer is still upright when I get home. I have to pick John up from work later so we can find out together. I think most of Iowa would like to see a few weeks without torential rains. Many communities are experiencing severe flooding and all the rivers are high. I'm use to seeing high rivers in the spring and in 2008 the year of the 500 year flood they were high until July but we are in the second week of August and they are still dangerously high.

Today 's photos were taken with my phone. There is a 4 way stop that had traffic backed up a ways so I was able to snap these while I waited. They are the leading edge of today's storm.


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