Reality hits

Well, it is less that 2 weeks until we are both done, party a little and then start our travels and the reality of all that is exciting but also a little crazy.  We are still finishing up doctor and dental appointments, getting ready for our party, getting the rig shaped up and now we find we need to put new tires on the truck. We have noticed a slow leak on the inside rear passenger side tire. We have a tire pressure monitoring system that we turn on periodically (especially before towing) to check the pressures of both the truck and 5th wheel tires and that is how we discovered this. After careful checking we could see where the tires are beginning to crack between the treads. They are over 4 years old and have almost 50,000 miles so it is just time. Just learned how to read on the tire the manufacturing date - never knew you could do that. So on top of an already crazy schedule we need to research and buy 6 new tires.
I am finding all of this a little overwhelming and have trouble shutting the brain down at night so I am not sleeping all that well these days. I also find myself getting a little more emotional. I am so excited for the future but saying goodbye is harder than I thought it would be. Gabe came for dinner on Sunday and I found myself getting all teary even then. There is a party Sunday with my coworkers and I think that will be a little emotional for me too. When I was planning and researching and it was in the distance it was easy but like I said reality has hit and it is definitely harder than I thought it would be. I've been trying to go out and read about the travels of other full timers just to keep my eye on the goal. 
And guess what ---oops no we didn't get a puppy. Our neighbors in the park this week have a new golden retriever puppy and there is nothing cuter to photograph than a puppy - so enjoy Kate the pup, we certainly did.  


  1. It wasn't too long ago that I was feeling much the same way. This lifestyle change sure seemed easier when it was in the distance. When the time came, there was a lot of "are we really doing this?" and "wow, we are really doing this!". Some tears were shed, but now that we have several months behind us, we are so thankful that we did it. After all, if it was easy, then everyone would be doing it! Good luck. I know it's been a long transition, but you're almost there. Keep going! It really is worth it!!

  2. I had all the same feelings and emotions you are having. Change is an emotional time, even if it's a good change.

    I had many sleepless nights where it felt like my brain was churning and churning. I have to admit I finally gave in and took a Tylenol PM a few times. It helped me get a few nights of good sleep when things got too bad. I now sleep like a baby :)

    There were quite a few times I was reduced to tears by one thing or another. Reading about the experiences of other fulltimers on forums and blogs was so helpful. It made me realize everything I was feeling was just part of the process and very normal.

    I'm actually feeling a bit emotional again these days. In a few weeks we will leave, and I won't see my mom for about 8 months. I know she'll be fine, but it's another emotional time.

    Enjoy your last weeks of your old life!


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