The last lecture and it's getting noisy out there!

Wednesday I gave my last lecture for the year. I teach Oral Pathology to dental hygiene students. I love the subject but by the end of summer I am ready for it to end. My lecture is 2 hours once a week for 12 weeks and that's a lot of talking, some days by the end of the lecture I feel like I'm tripping over my tongue. This is a tough subject and we squeeze it into a short time. I'm coming back next summer to teach it again and the possibilty of teaching for a couple years is there, with some of the new technologies out there I may even be able to teach it from where I am. I think it would be a kick giving my lectures over the internet from whatever campground I was in. I'm not sure if that would really work with this course but it is fun to entertain the thought. Tuesday I give the final and then I am done until next summer - on to the next adventure!

It was absolutely beautiful last night. The humidity was down and the temperatures too! I actually turned off the air and slept with the windows open -YIPEE! John has been gone all week on one last business trip so I have been on my own. I told him on the phone last night, it's just not as much fun without him. I did make a fire last night but it was kind of lonely there. As I was sitting there I was listening to the cicada. This time of year they really get going. Some nights the buzz is incredibly loud. Sometimes John complains about it but for me it is truly the sound of summer. It will be intersesting to find out how many other places have that same buzz this time of year.

I did take the camera out on a hike yesterday through the arboretum. There are tons of butterflies lately and I thought I'd try to find and photograph a few. I went out a little too early so maybe tonight I'll head out closer to dusk, it just means making sure I get my bug spray on but the lighting is always so much better then.


  1. I hope you get your photos. We don't have many butterflies in NZ. I grow lots of swan plant for the monarchs but however many it's never enough to satisfy all the caterpillars.

    Only a few short weeks before your party. I bet you've lots to do to kep you busy.


  2. I'm jealous...sleeping with the windows open. How nice is that? Love the butterfly picture.

  3. In response to your question on my blog; the COE park near Galena is called Blanding Landing. I think it is about 20 miles south. I hadn't had time to read your blog, but have now added it to my favorites and will try to catch up :)

    We also have 2 sons and have recently become fulltimers. We took our boys to Las Vegas the year our youngest turned 21 and Kevin turned 50. What a blast!

    I'm leaning towards Woods Valley Kampground in Valley Center, CA which is north of San Diego. If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them.

    How fortunate you have a career that you can come back to for the summer. I was a school secretary in my previous life. I'd absolutely love to find some work I can do virtually. I'm researching my options, and definitely will be doing some work in the future.

    If nothing else, I'll sign up with a temp agency. Jobs are scarce, though. This winter we play!


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