Getting ready for Christmas

View from our front door
Our Christmas Tree 
It was a beautiful day here at  Zion River Resort. We decided to go on an off resort trip with a group to the Dickens Christmas Festival in St. George, Utah. It is actually a craft show with a Dickens era theme at the convention center. We took the Zion River Resort bus (short bus) into town with 4 other couples. Three of these couples have been coming here for the winter for the last 5 years, the other couple the last 2 years. We enjoyed getting to know them. One of the couples is actually from Cedar Rapids and still have a home there. The business they own had a shop not far  from the house we lived in. You can tell this group likes to have fun. Tomorrow it is happy hour at 2pm. Wow, this is a group that does things right. (lol)

Flamingo ready for Christmas too
When we arrived yesterday it was time to decorate for Christmas. In Las Vegas we found a 4ft pre-lit tree and some small ball decorations for it so I put it up with a few of my Christmas decorations, mainly my snowmen and a cross stitch that Betty Ann (my sister-in-law) made for me. These are some of my favorites that I couldn’t part with. So the rig looks decked out for Christmas. Outside we have the flamingo set up and in his Christmas attire. We are ready!

Already we feel like we will enjoy this stay. Everyone we have met seem to be fun to be around and Mason who manages the resort is a gem. Tomorrow we have hired a crew to come in and wash the trailer and truck, the only way you can get it done here. John has a new wax he wants to try that is suppose to help make the bugs come off easier. So tomorrow looks like a work day, at least until happy hour. :)
Sunset on our way back from St George.
The area we are in is stunning. I think on Saturday we will try to do some hiking, either into Zion National Park or down to Snow Canyon State park. The group today gave us so many suggestions it is clear we will probably only scratch the surface in our month stay. Hmmm, it may mean a return visit.


  1. Flamingo looks dapper in his Santa hat :-)

  2. Always nice to be around others who enjoy life too.

  3. Always nice to be around others who enjoy life too.

  4. Happy to see the return of the flamingo! :)


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