Rain, Rain go away...

It has been raining for 2 days and I am ready to go back to that nice desert weather. I am getting some things done inside but it would be nice to mix that in with a good walk and it is not good walking weather. Monday we head to Vegas and our son's should arrive Monday evening. I am so looking forward to seeing them. I am a little worried about the weather messing things up but I can't control that part so will just go with the flow. 

In advance of their visit I baked the one thing that I knew we needed for Christmas, Kringla. This is a tradition in our family and it is a cookie that is a little like bread but sweeter and made into a figure 8. My kids (and John and I) love them. My Norwegian Grandmother had them all the time when we visited but they are a pain to bake so I limited it to Christmas. Baking in my oven is interesting. Usually I used 2 racks moving them from the bottom to the top as they baked to get them just right. This oven only has one rack so it was a little different and I had to pay closer attention. I think some of them are a little underdone but most came out ok. I knew living in a trailer wasn't going to get me out of this duty.

Tomorrow we will get the rig clean and laundry done, even life on the road doesn't get you out of the daily chores, you just get to do them whenever you want not in between work and other commitments.

Happy trails!


  1. Kringla sounds interesting. Hope the rain stops. :)

  2. Never have used our oven and always wondered if it took longer to bake. Hope you have sunshine when your boys get there. Merry Christmas!

  3. We have had rain for days and days here in the SF Bay area...but the good news is that even though the forecast calls for 6 more days of it, we will be heading towards the desert to dry up in just 5 more days...Laughlin, Nevada here we come! No rain...please!

  4. Twas a productive day here too...laundry, haircuts, and grocery shopping. Three things I dislike all done in one day. Good to go now!! Hope you dry out soon!


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