Mystery solved?

Ok, so I’ll tell you our theory on the footprints. Even though I like Dawn’s explanation of the little Bigfoot. I think Judy is close to the truth. We decided it was someone either hiking or running in the Five Finger shoes. She is right about the barefoot running really taking off. If you have never read the book Born to Run, John and I would highly recommend it. This book is what really gave the barefoot running a boost.
Five finger Shoes

When we first came across the footprint our first reaction is who in the world would be barefoot this time of year, did you notice the snow in the photo? Though the day was very mild, in the 60s, it is still winter and the creek temp is not that warm.Our next guess is a hiker wearing the Five Finger shoes. John has the five finger shoes, that many of the barefoot runners wear, and we came across a second print we looked closer and sure enough there were some markings that made us sure that someone was out here hiking in these shoes. I took some photos of John’s shoes so you could see what they look like.  He has worn these some but we really haven’t been trying to run lately so they have been mainly in the closet. Now that you’ve seen these shoes, what do you think? I hate to think someone was really barefoot in these conditions but I guess it’s possible, but I do think someone might have been hiking in these shoes. However you never know, it might have bee a young Bigfoot - I still like that idea. :)
Happy Trails............


  1. I think you're right...5 finger shoes. So, I'm curious, how does John like these shoes? I've wondered about them since the first time I saw them. They look like they'd be comfy, but they don't seem to have much padding on the soles so do you feel all the little rocks and such?

  2. Egads! I've never seen a pair of shoes like that! :)


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