Shining up the Truck and Rig

Well, no hiking yet. The truck and 5th wheel needed to be washed and waxed. John has been researching the right wax for awhile and the stuff he decided on came while we were in Vegas. Then a few of the guys here in the park informed him that the detailers who come into the park and wash rigs do a great job so he was soon on the phone scheduling them to wash both the rig and the truck. Well that happened yesterday and now that they are both clean it was time to wax, so work time. 
We started with the truck; he wiped it down again with some spray and then went over it with Mother’s clay bar and I followed behind waxing. Today we got the truck completely done and the rig is almost half done. If the weather cooperates tomorrow we will try to finish the job - then I declare it is play time. I do have to say the truck looks swe-e-e-e-e-e-t. It shines so bright you need sunglasses just to look at it. I wonder how sore I’ll be tomorrow??
Mother's Clay Bar
The stuff he wiped it down with

This actually is probably better timing. We can drive into Zion during the week instead of the weekend. It has been a little warmer here so we are hoping it will melt some more of the snow in the park. 
The wax
Speaking of snow, back in Iowa they received their first snow of the season. I had Mitch send me a couple photos from his phone. Looks like Decorah got quite a bit. I always looked forward to the first snow and I have to say one of my favorite things about winter in the midwest was when we would get a big enough storm that you just had to stay in. I don’t miss shoveling or the really cold temps. It is funny how out here we complain if it goes below freezing. We can see snow from the campground, up in the mountains, so I get a little snow fix that way. It does snow here occasionally so you never know: we may get to experience that here before we leave.
A vey shinny truck
Happy trails.........


  1. a clean truck is a happy truck!!!..nice wax job!!

  2. Nice! I love it when my car first gets waxed, nothing sticks to it! We don't look forward to waxing George's big truck!

    We got home yesterday, woke up this morning to a dusting :(

  3. Sure looks shiny! We had never heard of 'Mother's' so thanks...we'll check it out too!


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