Sand Hollow State Park, Hurricane UT

Friday we took off to get my hair cut and to check out Sand Hollow state park near Hurricaine (oh yah, it is pronounced Her-kin, I’ve been corrected more than once.) Getting a hair cut is a bit of an anxious moment for me. I’ve always had stylist I knew and never had to worry about a bad hair cut. Now, I’ve kept my style a little longer and very simple with the hopes that no one would really screw it up. I know you are just waiting for me to say it was a disaster (you know who you are-lol) but so far so good and I have been going to the salons at Walmart. Had it cut at one back when we were overnight at a Walmart in Oklahoma and now in Hurricaine. Whew!!!
FHU campground at Sand Hollow
Up the hill to the dunes
So off to Sand Hollow. A few of the RVers here recommended it as an alternative. We definitely agree. They have one campground loop that is FHU at $28 a  night. They also have primitive no hook up sites. Also if you are into four wheeling (OHVs) this is the place for you. They have a large area of dunes that look like fun. There also is a beach for swimming though that would be a little cold right now. The  FHU campground only had 3 RVs and 2 looked like workcampers, and the primitive campground had 1. It is a beautiful setting.
You will see there also is an area that has lots of rocks to climb on but a big sign that says you climb at your own risk - well duh! (Even though some people will sue just about anyone) Well we climbed,at our own risk, and enjoyed the views.

The campground reminded us a little of Cave Creek near Phoenix and a little of Brantley Lake near Carlsbad. Definitely a desert campground, they do give each spot a cabana which is nice for shade out here in the desert. The sites are quite large and many of the are pull outs but I like the way they have done them. We could definitely see ourselves staying in this campground but at the cost it wouldn’t be for more than a week or so.
Yesterday was a hangin’ out day, we did go in to have breakfast as I needed to call my friend Nancy. We have a very weak cell signal here so making calls is difficult but if we go into Hurricaine or Springdale it works fine. Texts are fine but sometimes texting just doesn’t work well to communicate. Nancy and I were both so confused about what we were trying to arrange that it was worth the trip to make the phone call and get it right. Besides John’s favorite meal out is breakfast so he was on board. In the afternoon we walked to the coffee shop, the Red Coyote up the road in Virgin. Nice little shop with good coffee and a nice warm atmosphere, I think we will be walking up there more often.
Found a place to use the timer on the camera
This week I think we will check out Cedar City and Parawan. To all our friends and family back in the Midwest, hope you are safe and warm inside. That blizzard looks nasty. I am sure it is going to make my kids anxious to join us here.
Happy Trails!!!


  1. From your pictures, it does sort of look like Brantley Lake. We spent several days there last winter. Good pictues and enjoyable to read.

  2. We are sure glad to have missed the storm in Wisconsin. Our relatives in Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota are all complaining about it. I didn't have the heart to tell them our high today is expected to be 85 degrees :)

  3. Nice picture of the two of you, and a great background!


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