Kolob Canyon

Kolob Canyon
From the Overlook

Such a beautiful day yesterday we knew we had to get out and hike. There is another entrance to Zion National Park called Kolob Canyon so we decided to head up there. It is about 15 miles from here. This is a much smaller area than the main entrance we were at before. We did the scenic drive to the end and the hike from there to the overlook about .5 miles out. This area is much higher elevation than the other part of the park, so there is more snow still on the ground. The warm weather has been melting it (they got the snow around Thanksgiving) and so it is pretty muddy out but with hiking boots you just slog through it. The Overlook is a photographers playground. The photo above is a panoramic I did on Photoshop Elements. I need to do more of these.
Notice all the mud on my pants.
Taylor Creek trail
Moon over the mountain
Next we went down to the Taylor Creek trail. We didn’t get started very early and the trail is 5 miles round trip (they estimate 4 hours) so after talking to the ranger we decided to just go to the first cabin which she told us was about a mile in.  The first part of the trail are steps down to the creek. These steps were very muddy and Ms. Coordinated managed to fall on the steps. Oops! Luckily I recovered and though I am a little sore today, yesterday I just dusted myself off and went on. John was ready to turn back but I convinced him to go a little further to the creek and we’d see how it was. So glad we did. A little muddy in places and a little snow in places but a fun trail. It follows the creek and you keep crossing back and forth over the creek as you go. Once it gets colder waterproof boots are a must, or you would have really wet feet if just in tennies. We didn’t quite make it to the cabin; my guess is it’s a little further than a mile but we were careful to make sure we were off the trail well ahead of sunset.
Another gorgeous day in southern Utah.
Happy Trails............


  1. Really sorry to hear of your fall. Be careful out there! It looks like the full trail might have been a bit much -- you have to ease in or, at east, start out real early. I am enjoying reading of your travels. Wish I could convince the better half to hike (wistful). She wants an ATV! Lord love-a-duck, now that'd be a sight.

  2. I sure am enjoying your Utah posts. It's nice to know that there are places in this state NOT covered in snow, and that you're able to get out there and hike! Great scenery again. Janie, are you suuuuuure that's just mud on your pants? ;) hehe!

  3. It's great that you're taking advantage of the trails while the weather holds. :)

  4. Utah is one of my favorite states for hiking. Mud? No fun!

  5. I'm glad you weren't hurt!

    Too bad you couldn't go to the end of the trail. The two cabins weren't that big of a deal; you've seen one cabin, you've seen them all.

    The cavern at the end of the trail was pretty amazing. I have some pictures on my blog from when we were there.

    It was so much fun hiking that entire trail because of the river. I think we must have crossed over it at least a hundred times.

    Hopefully, more of the snow will melt and the trails will dry off.

    I loved Kolob Canyon. I thought it was an amazingly beautiful place.


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