First Week work-camping done

Rain in the distance from Lake View trail, Eastman Lake

One week into our work camping and we keep thinking we will take a day off but the people we needed to work with were on this weekend so back to work we go. I learned how to use their slide scanner and while I am doing laundry I will also be scanning their slides, since they are all in the same building. Scanning slides is a tedious job that I am very familiar with. I scanned about a thousand slides of John’s dads a few years back. The computer they have this set up on is old and incredibly slow. If John was assigned to this I think he would shoot the computer or maybe throw it out a window, he has no patience for old slow computers. We also are learning about trail maintenance and water bars. John spent Saturday with the student ranger Adela and today all three of us went out to work. We are working on the Lake View trail that is 4 miles in length and hasn’t had much maintenance done in the last few years. We made it about 3/4 mile today. John and I are hoping we can make a difference on this trail before we leave. It is a trail with incredible views and deserves some TLC.
John and I working on the trail

We are enjoying the physical work of our job here. The other work-campers are not physically able to do some of this work so we are glad we are here. When we talked about how we wanted to work-camp, one of the things that is important to us is that we are giving back to the public lands that we so enjoy. In this time of recession the budgets for these parks has been trimmed and we want to make sure these places survive for our children to see. That is why we have chosen state and National Parks as our main emphasis though we are not opposed to some private parks if they fit in with our goals.
Trail maintenance 
The weather here has been pretty foggy so I haven’t taken as many photos as I would like. It is suppose to improve so if it does we will take a day off for our own hiking and photography. I want to hike the length of the Lake View trail (4 miles one way) and see all of it. About half way there is an area with a pair of nesting bald eagles and I so want to get to that area. One of the eagles flew over head while we were cleaning the shoreline but I couldn’t get the camera out in time to catch it. We also have seen coyotes and the back end of a bobcat that was crossing the road. There are a lot of birds I’d like to photograph too. This place is full of wildlife and I am looking forward to the challenge of photographing some of it. I keep hoping the fog moves out for awhile, though I know this valley is known for it. At least it is not raining, or snowing and the temperature are staying moderate(50s). I know back in the midwest they are dealing with lots of snow and cold so it is hard to complain.
Happy Trails...........


  1. Oh my goodness! You two are a couple of hard workers! It's easy to take for granted the great trails out there...forgetting the people who have to maintain them. Glad you guys are so willing to pitch in. I'm humbled.

  2. This sounds like kind of the work-camping we would do. Maybe not so much the slides...oh boy. I did 20 Kodak slide carriers, 3 slides at a time. It was tedious, but they are all on CD's now, and sent off to my boys & parents. Hope the weather gets better for more pictures!

  3. Sounds like you guys are staying busy but also having fun. Hope you find some time off though. Don't want you to be overworked! :)

  4. Hi Janie and John, Gosh! I'm so impressed with what you two are doing. How cool! It makes this beautiful land even more awesome for all of us. Thank you! - Mary Ann

    P.S.- It's a Garfish.


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