Leaving Middle Earth (by John)

Eastman Lake from the kayak

You can’t kick us out, ‘cause we’re leaving. 
Actually we were asked to leave so they could close the entrance road into the park while they repair an unstable hill next to it. This is the second time we’ve been asked to leave a campground due to weather related problems in the last two months. It’s good to be mobile, but I’m looking forward to staying somewhere for more than a month. Maybe somewhere warm. With sunshine. And full hook-ups.
Our beautiful little hummingbird
Eastman Lake reminded me of Middle Earth the day we arrived. Very green from all the rain this area had received with lots of hills that might appeal to a folk who preferred to build their homes in the side of a hill. The piles of boulders scattered about added visual appeal and a bit of mystery: how did all these rock piles end up here? 
Buddy another volunteers puppy who was always
 ready to help
The park’s campground had already been closed to the public by the time we arrived the first week of January. We had to drive around the barriers to get to our camp site. So for the next two plus weeks, we shared this beautiful park with three other couples who were also volunteers, the park staff and more wildlife than I’ve ever seen in one place. We even had our own boat ramp to the lake and it inspired us to get an inflatable kayak that came right before we had to leave. Still, it was sweet.
John's favorite little Acorn tit-mouse
The wildlife here included some very active humming birds and a slightly crazed bird that attacked our bedroom windows every morning. Better than an alarm clock, except you couldn’t turn it off. Lots of wing flapping and window pecking. Multiple windows, multiple times. Very well dressed in a gray bird suit with pin-stripped wing markings. We were able to find his picture in a the National Geographic Bird Book. He’s an Acorn Titmouse, and he’s a little crazy. I’m going to miss him.
So goodbye Eastman Lake. It was fun. Hope to see you again soon.


  1. At least you had the chance for a maiden voyage on the lake. :)


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