Learning Flexibility

The fog makes it hard to see but this is the road and the unstable hillside

Well, just as we thought we will be leaving Eastman Lake. They have found the funding and the contract goes out this week and as soon as February 1st the work on the hillside could begin. It will force the closure of the whole park for awhile. The people here have been great and the situation is just what it is so we are searching out some different options. I put the word out to a few of our RV friends and forums for suggestions. We are looking for somewhere probably in Arizona that we can stay for a month for a reasonable rate. I always trust the reviews of people I know over the internet, though I use the internet a lot. I have some leads on a few places but if you have any suggestions feel free to add to my list.
Red Tail Hawk

Originally we were going to head to Sonoma for a week but while cleaning the shoreline John stepped wrong and something in his hip popped. He hobbled back and we put ice on it (20 on 20 off just like our favorite ortho doc has taught us). It is better today but he doesn’t feel he will be up for any long bike rides for a little while so we decided not to do that trip just now. Adding to that, the valley fog is back and another friend of ours said Sonoma has lots of fog this time of year too. We will be back and it will stay on our list.

These little things keep teaching us that in this lifestyle as in any flexibility is a necessary skill.  The good thing is it is a little easier to do when you are mobile. So it is on to new adventures.
Woodpecker-not sure type

Thought I’d share a few photos of some of the feathered creatures that we share this park with. I’ve seen more than this but these are the only ones I caught in the camera.

Happy Trails..........



  1. the woodpecker is an acorn woodpecker...

  2. Love your photos! We too love the flexibility of this lifestyle and our plans change all the time.

    Depending on which camping clubs you belong to, you can save a great deal on your fees in those areas. We use our Coast to Coast membership a lot while we are on the road and even upgraded this year to allow us to stay at parks for 2 weeks instead of only one for only $10 per night. The trick is to find them and book them before others do and of course, you need to be ok with moving around for these deals.

  3. Sorry to hear that things didn't work out at this campground, but now it provides the opportunities for new adventures! I don't have any suggestions to offer, but hopefully others will and you'll have a new plan soon. Travel safely and keep up the positive attitude!

  4. You might want to try the RV Resort,The Springs at Borrego Springs, in California. It is remote, but really a beautiful desert area. We were pleasantly surprised. Bring your yoga mat.

  5. We'd love it if you would come to Florida and visit us. :) So sorry your workamping is coming to an end. Isn't it great that our lifestyle can be so flexible.


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