Leaving Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon from the car...cool effect in the foreground.

We are still lounging away in Las Vegas. Our next stop is Bakersfield on our way to Eastman Lake, California. We were hoping to leave tomorrow but today highway 58 in California and I-5 are closed because of snow. The weather has been just crazy out here. The good news is tomorrow the sun is suppose to come out and temperatures are going up. Even though there is a chance the roads would be open tomorrow we decided to give it one more day to make sure. Pulling our rig through this area in snow is not something we would like to do. There are a couple small passes on our way, nothing that would bother us at all in good weather.
John....looking good!
I called ahead to the resort we want to stay at in Bakersfield and called Eastman Lake to check on conditions. Both said they are fine. Eastman Lake said the lake is up but no flooding in the recreation areas. This will be our first work-camping position and we are looking forward to getting there. Eastman Lake is in the foothills of the Sierras and, as our friend Rich says, it is in the frost zone but not necessarily the snow zone. Looks like it will be in the 50’s when we get there on Saturday. The ranger I talked to this morning said the park is very green right now after all the rain. We are looking forward to getting out of the city. Two weeks in a metropolitan area is enough for us. 
John takes a photo...hey that's me!
It is a new year and we hope it is a good one for everyone. We are looking forward to continuing this full-time RV life style. We have loved it so far and are looking forward to seeing even more of this country. One thing we are considering is work-camping at Zion River Resort next winter. Just starting to talk with Mason about the possibility. We love that location. The only drawback is it may be almost six months. Still, it would allow us to travel and not need to work camp in the summer, and it is a place we know we would enjoy and we know there is so much there still to see and do. Many of the places we want to see are ones that we would need to do when the weather is better so it just may be the perfect fit.
Happy New Year from Janie & John
Happy Trails.........


  1. Safe travels tomorrow! Look forward to hearing about your workamping gig.

  2. Full-timing sure agrees with you both!! On another note...I was born & raised in Bakersfield, my aunt,uncle, and cousins and their respective families live there still. We'll have to check out the RV parks there when we go on the road. Funny, I would have never thought of going to Bakersfield to 'vacation' back in the day :)

  3. I think you're doing the right thing by sitting still until the weather improves. No need to take any chances! :)

  4. SNOW!!!! In California??? Sheesh! I was looking forward to putting on my thong and getting a suntan ;) JUST KIDDING (about the thong part! HA)

    Thanks for stopping by to give us the snow warning. We're going to Santee after we get our truck fixed. Hope by then the sun will come out to play with me!


  5. Happy New Year to you two~~~~~Craig and Sue


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