A New Toy!

Sunset over Eastman lake

Went into Madera today to get mail, supplies and our new toy. Our Sea Eagle 370 inflatable kayak. John got on the tracking for it and saw that it was on the truck for delivery. Went to the UPS store first but it wasn’t there so we asked them to call if it came later in the day. We went to Sal’s, a little Mexican restaurant we found last week for lunch, they have a chorizo and egg entree that is John’s new favorite thing. Then found a Starbucks for a little coffee time - we are suckers for coffee. Then it was groceries and fuel. Just as we were leaving the grocery store we got the call that it had arrived. Yea!!!
Getting ready
Ready for the Lake
Once we got back we could hardly wait to get it out. John had read online that we needed to inflate it and wait 24 hours (to check for leaks) before taking it out on the water. So we got it out of the box and inflated it. How cool. We have to check on a few things before we take off, like does it need to be registered. It doesn’t have a motor so maybe not. We will check with Ranger Keith tomorrow. 
I love these oaks against the lake.
Tomorrow is a big day too. There is a volunteer meeting with the “bosses”. As I have mentioned before, our campground is closed due to an unstable hillside along the only access road. We had been directed to only take the road when we needed to go to town. It is a problem for this park because all the campgrounds and the camp offices are on this road. The day use area is not affected. We have been in limbo since we got here not knowing if we will be staying or if they feel we need to leave. The consensus among the volunteers is that we will be asked to leave. We are all glad that tomorrow we may get our answers. I was out on the web last night looking at options if we do leave. The only thing we know we will do is go to Sonoma County and spend a week in wine county. They have an RV area at there county fairgrounds that has a reasonable rate. This is an area where we really want to spend some time. We love good wine and they have some bike trails we would like to ride. Got a route to the area from our friend Rich (another Excel owner) who works here in California. The only bummer is he said to drive it in the middle of the night or very early morning on the weekend as the traffic is crazy. I think we will do an early morning on a weekend.  Otherwise we are looking for somewhere that perhaps we can spend at least a month or maybe two that is affordable. Any suggestions??? We’ll let you know our status after tomorrow’s meeting.
A beautiful night
Happy Trails............... 


  1. What a fun toy. I hope you get a chance to use it before you have to leave (if you have to leave). What a hassle this weather has turned out to be. But it's better to be safe than sorry and you certainly don't want to get stranded there if the road conditions worsen. Spending a week in Sonoma sounds wonderful. It's an area that we hope to spend some time in too. Good luck with wherever you end up!

  2. We absolutely love ours. It's so easy to put up and take down to. You'll have a ball in it!

  3. Nice pics! I hope you don't have to leave before you want to. :)


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