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Finally we have left Las Vegas. We need to get to Eastman Lake north of Fresno CA on Saturday so today we drove as far as Bakersfield. Not the tourist mecca of California but found a park with a stay 2 nights get one free rate for FHU so it works for us. Not sure what there is to do in Bakersfield but I will do some searching tonight. Maybe we can find a winery - we passed a lot of grape vines on the last part of the trip - or maybe a microbrewery/brewpub.  We really don't need much to entertain us.

The trip went well considering these roads were closed 2 days ago. There is some snow left in the mountains but it looks like everything else had melted away.  The only difficult part of the trip was on CA223 from CA58 to the resort. Just a few miles off CA58 we ran into thick fog that stayed with us on and off until we got here. Luckily it was only about 25 miles worth. An RV friend of mine, Rich, had warned us that there had been a lot of fog in CA lately. Thanks for the warning, we just took it slow.

Wind Farm near Tehachapi, CA
On our drive near Tehachapi CA was a large wind farm on the mountains, this is also just north of Edwards Air Force Base.  I thought it was interesting so I got a photo. It is not as clear as I'd like but I took it from the truck moving 55mph. Also as we got into the mountains you could see it changing from the desert we have been in for 3 months to the forested hillsides. It is a refreshing change. I like the desert but I miss seeing the greens. 

I probably won't post again until we reach Eastman Lake, but you never know, if something interesting comes our way, we will make sure and share it with you.

Happy Trails.............


  1. That is exactly what we didn't want to see when we went through Tahachapi and we didn't. What is the name of the park in Bakersfield, we stayed at a few, there was one located on 58 that was associated with the winery...nice!

  2. Is it shorts weather there? I'm LOVING CA!!

  3. Not sure where you are headed after Bakersfield, but there are a lot of good (great!) wineries in Paso Robles, on Route 46.

  4. You rats done drove right by us here in Hemet!!!! How dare you!!! 8-) The fog you are referring to is called Tule(Tu-lee)fog and it can be really bad in the Fresno area at times.

  5. I saw your note about Lightroom on Emma and Judy's message board ... when I switched to MAC, I spoke with the customer service guys at Lightroom and it turns out that the software purchase was good for either PC or MAC. I didn't have to buy a new copy from what I recall, I just installed it from the same CD I already had. Might be worth checking it out.


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